Beautiful Sheets: The Feel of Luxury Without the High Price

“I bought some Sheets from the Picture Lady. That evening I put the sheets on my Cal King bed and went to take a shower before retiring. I slid between the sheets and went to sleep. I was so comfortable I woke up late the next morning. I went straight back to the Picture Lady the next day to buy 5 more sets of beautiful sheets.” ~ Lynn A. Los Angeles

After a hard day's work you deserve a good night’s rest. The sheets you choose can make a HUGE difference to your comfort level and your ability to sleep.

Comfort level is a personal choice. Egyptian cotton has the reputation of being the best of the best, and I have a sister who would not use anything but Egyptian Cotton. Last December she was unable to find what she was looking for in the color she wanted at a price she could afford and was lamenting her situation. I suggested she try our 1500-series sheets, which I find comparable to the soft feel of Egyptian cotton, but she turned me down. Come Christmas she still had not solved her problem and was moving, so new sheets were a MUST. I gave her a couple of “deep pocket” sheets, the ones we sell in hospitals and corporations and now she won’t use anything else.

Cotton sheets, besides the exorbitant price, have some disadvantages. Cotton is more likely to wrinkle, which the 1500-series sheets do not. With improper washing they can shrink, which our sheets do not and over time cotton bedding can thin & tear, whereas our sheets are extremely durable.

To enjoy a good day it is vital to have a good night's rest. Having the right sheets can make a huge difference to your ability to sleep soundly. In the final analysis choosing good sheets is a personal choice and here are some things to consider.

Your first consideration is to ask yourself if your sheet will fit your mattress. It is fashionable and luxurious these days to have a pillow top mattress but there is a downside when buying sheets. Vital to buy deep pocket sheets, so the fitted bottom sheet will cover the mattress. Our 1500-series sheets have an extra 15 inches.

Nothing says EASY CARE like the Picture Lady 1500-series sheets. They are washer dryer safe. There is no ironing necessary. BUT MOST OF ALL, the Picture Lady 1500-series sheets that retail at $35.00 are budget friendly.

Thread count.

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.

It is commonly thought that buying sheets with a higher thread count delivers a greater level of quality and comfort and there is some truth to this. 1500+ is an excellent thread count. However, know that when looking at thread count be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

For cotton a good thread count is 500 to 800 but when dealing with man made fibers the threadcount can be as high as 1500-2100 - and very, very soft and silky.

Matching Your Décor

Customers like to have several different colored pairs of sheets, so they can fashion a bedroom that is a relaxing retreat. Color and aesthetics play a part in this. It all helps for you to wake up happier in the morning.

Picture Lady has a great selection of colors which includes gold, taupe, white, black, burgundy, purple, ivory, olive, brown and navy; a great selection.

So why would you choose Picture Lady for a fundraising SHEET SALE?

The primary advantage is PRICE for your employees.

The Picture Lady 1500 and higher sheets are $35.00 a very competitive price. This is particularly true when a customer buys a California King or King sized sheet where most competitors charge extra for these sizes. At most events in the summertime we also bring in a SPECIAL for just $25.00. This 1200 thread count is a loosely woven sheet that breathes in the summertime, and is very cool to sleep on.

Ease of Maintenance

Comparison shopping is useful, and at Picture Lady we urge consumers to consider aesthetic as well as functional elements when buying sheets.

For Fundraisers the SHEET sale nets a good commission and is popular.

You have the option to choose a simple sheet and fluffy blanket sale or to enjoy a hybrid fundraiser where we add extra tables for NATURE CREAM, GIFTS & PHOTO-TO-ARTWORK.

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone!” ~ Anthony Burgess

"I washed the sheets and put them on my bed on Saturday. I slept so well! happy face"
Curtis C. San Diego

Standard Bed Sizes
Twin39 x 75
Full54 x 75
Queen60 x 80
King76 x 80
Cal King72 x 84

Priced at just $29, these 1200 Series sheet sets are excellent value. To order, select the desired size and color. If color is not of critical importance, optionally indicate your second choice in case your first choice is out of stock. When you have made your selections, click the "Buy Now" button.

When to Buy 1500-Series Deep Pocket Sheets

We also carry the 1500 Series sheets. These sheets are woven more tightly and are therefore heavier.

If you own a mattress that is thicker than 14 inches, you may have difficulty finding the right sheets to fit your bed. This is especially true if you enjoy the comfort of a pillow-top mattress or use a mattress topper. It can be frustrating when sheets pop up in the middle of the night. You really don’t want to have to worry about keeping your bottom sheet on your mattress. So it is important to know your own mattress and buy the correct sheets to fit.

Many new mattresses are thicker than those that were made in the past, providing more cushion than before, and they are wonderful for comfort. The problem is that regular fitted sheets no longer quite do the job covering these mattresses. What you need is special deep pocket sheets for your deep pocket mattress. Our 1500 Series deep pocket fitted sheets stretch over thick mattresses and even accommodate pillow tops and other mattress toppers.

Yes, these sheets are a little more expensive, but they are a must, because they will fit your deep pocket bed. You will also enjoy their enhanced silky quality. In addition, this 1500 sheet is thicker and so is the best choice for winter in California when you do not want to go as far as putting on flannel sheets. They are truly the best choice that we have to offer in Picture Lady sheets.

To order: Select Size, Series and Color, with an optional second choice of color; then click the Buy Now button.

Twin White White
Full Ivory Ivory
Queen Gold Gold
King Khaki Khaki
Cal King Brown Brown
Burgundy Burgundy
SERIES Navy Navy
1200 - $29   Purple Purple
1500 - $39 Black Black
Any None

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