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April 2017 Newsletter

It has finally stopped raining. Yes it truly, truly has!

Triple Spring Pictures

As the clouds disperse what have we left?  It is a strange, bad world.
North Korea: nuclear aggression; Egypt: Christians killed in their very own Churches, and the chemical weapons are back again in Syria. Watch this non-partisan, sometimes hilarious video about the secretive influences that shape our foreign policy. I guarantee it will leave you thinking.

While back home in America we strive to carve out a circle of caring for our families, and we try to get back to normal living after a brutal election.

April 16: Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the foundation stone of the Christian faith.

April 10; Jews begin to observe the Passover, celebrating a time when Jews traveled out of Egypt after the plagues in search of freedom and the normal life. 

Hindis celebrated Holi in March. This is also called Holaka or Phagwa, an un-serious time to disregard social norms and enjoy general merrymaking.

Muslims are preparing for Ramadan, the holy month of Islamic fasting and religious devotion, which this year comes around in May.
(In all the different religions their celebrations are based either on a special calendar or tied to the phases of the moon.   This is why the schedule varies from year to year.)

So you see there is some serious spirituality in the world and all men of good will still salute it.

The History of the Easter Egg

Is it not as though often the quaint traditions that seem to stick?
I ask you, why do we celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs? Why do we color them in all the colors of the rainbow? Do you know the history?

Once upon a time the egg was the symbol of fertility, easy to associate an egg with spring or a new life.  It started in ancient Egypt where Egyptians exchanged red-colored eggs in honor of spring.  Later eating eggs were banned while fasting, so the breaking of the fast became a celebration of the egg. Delicious Egg recipes were created. The Greeks and Romans expanded the symbolic egg color palette from just red to all colors, to show their joy at being able to eat again. Then Medieval Europe raised the bar, beginning an art form with beautifully colored and decorated eggs with intricate designs; each with a deep spiritual meaning.

The egg came into its own when we Westerners fell in love with our children. In many ways we have set out to do all we can to give them a fun life. Easter Eggs are just part of that.  Of course we have been helped by commercial interests, and even by the White House. What could be more fun for a child than an Easter Egg hunt right in front of the house of their President?  The White House Easter Egg Roll is a tradition that dates back to 1878, one of the oldest annual traditional events in White House history.

This year’s Easter Egg Roll will be held on Monday, April 17th

With a new president particularly fond of children, it could turn into a stellar event.   While war games occupy most Presidents from around the world, we are not going to let all the bad news squash the enthusiasm of our American children for the hunt. We get back to normal again as they roll an egg down a sleepy. sloping lawn to win a contest and a prize that they will treasure forever in their families.

Easter Eggs
We need to learn to live with joy, without fear and to see the world with fresh eyes. We need to make the world a safer place especially for children and the future. 
Such is the spirit of Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt

Preparing for Mother’s Day

I want to share with you a delightful project I am doing for a customer for Father’s Day.  It is a collage of donkeys.  Yes, you read that right, donkeys!

Here is the story.
In a horse-family of three girls there were only two horses and these were monopolized by the older girls. The younger daughter (then age 9 years) solved it this way.  Earning 25 cents here and a dollar there cleaning out the stalls  and other chores she saved up and bought herself a donkey. This was hers, and hers alone and she loved it.  Time passed and she married a man who bred show donkeys and also mules. Mules are great pack animals and there is a demand.

We are going to make a collage for her husband  for Father’s Day with the prize donkey in the middle surrounded by a bunch of little asses.

Let’s not forget that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  My customer tells me it makes for a very unique and special ride.

Here are more stories of how customers have co-created a very personal gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and/or Grandparent’s Day with Photo-to-Artwork. These stories will inspire you.

New from Picture of Health

Real Time Daily

I use it on my knees my hips, my head before I shampoo my hair, and also on my face under my makeup.  The ingredients are all natural for this is a homeopathic product.

Seventy-five years young and  I am proud that I have few wrinkles, very little gray hair and thanks to my tender loving care with this product on a daily basis, I am confident that it is unlikely I will have a knee of hip replacement.  This is a miracle as for many years (after polio) I needed injections in my knees.  We have a special this month online where the company sends you out a free tube of pain relief cream when you place an order.

Quote for the Month

"Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless."

Charles M. Crowe

Note: We are at the Santa Clarita Swap Meet every Sunday (Booth B60)

Enjoy the balmy weather,

Until next month!

Warm Regards,
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