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February 2017 Newsletter

Lynn, Tent, Peter

I gave you news last month about how the California drought was finally over. I think I erred; the data I gave you was factual, but praising the weather gods must have gone to their heads. At the end of January it rained so much, and it rained hard for ten days straight. I don’t like it when it doesn’t let up. Lots of windows in my little cabin and I love to see the sunlight streaming in.

Yesterday we had the worst storm in 20 years. To all my friends in California, I hope you are dry and safe. Unbelievable, this is California, not Florida. I have seen pictures of kids water boarding down the Los Angeles slipway.

Despite the rain we have been able to go out to sell a couple of times. Wanted to try the new all homeopathic product, Real Time Daily. I like it, will be using it myself to keep the doctors away.

Our team has also been growing. My chiropractor, Craig, was suffering from Sciatica and off work for three weeks. To see him suffer when he is usually in peak health was not OK with me. So I fixed him up with Real Time. His win was so amazing, no more pain, that he joined as a new distributor. He is in a very good place to share the relief. We also welcome Vicky Guzman, our new Sampler.

We became distributors because it helped me so much. I had polio as a child and when I grew older I didn’t have the extra layer of muscle to protect me from wear and tear. The cream was my salvation.

I loved RTPR MAXX last night in the middle of the storm. We had lost electricity and it was cold. I was able to keep warm under my special blanket, but for some reason my lower legs began to ache. Peter woke and picked up that I was unhappy. He offered to get my Real Time MAXX from the bathroom for me. He is a kind man and truly a keeper. It worked and I snuggled down and went to sleep. What a blessing, this cream! Electricity came back on at 6 a.m.

We are very happy with the company, Real Time, they have been good to us. We have been with them not much longer than a year and we are now in the Diamond Club and are Vendor Owners. The company is debt free and their statistics are sharply rising. They keep their promises. They are always adding new product. When they eventually go public, we stand to cash in.

Meanwhile what gives us joy is helping people with a good product when we go out each week.


President’s Day

The Job of a President

A Politician’s Privilege is to serve…

(An excerpt from Politics IOU)

Picture of the Capitol

I asked him what he thought of Presidents? He looked up at me with his lazy smile and said, “Eight years ago when I almost ran for President I asked Kimre, that very same question.” His smile was a little whimsical for, as we know, he didn’t run for office and his wife Kimre died of cancer shortly thereafter.

“And what did your first wife say?” I asked, not quite sure if I should press the question.

He said, “She reminded me of when the kids were small and how I handled them…

  • Senior datum: keep them safe.
  • Keep good order, there should be rules, but make these easy for them to understand and to follow.
  • Teach them that work can be play, if it is done right.
  • Never take a toy away unless you have a better one to give.
  • Be willing to play Umpire, and remember to regulate their games so that they play fair.
  • Don’t allow anyone to bully, not others and not each other.
  • Reward them generously, but only when they contribute.
  • Reinforce the idea that they are a part of the family, of the town, and of the world.
  • Believe in their ability and their innate goodness, and turn them into team players.

He concluded by saying that any President should set a good example and inspire his people; leading them to a better and happier life.

He should use his position and his new power more wisely than any man he replaces.

Quote for the Month

"We the people tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us."

Ronald Reagan

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