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October/November 2016 Newsletter

Scary Times

Am I referring only to Halloween; indeed I am not. I refer also to my state of health and the state of the nation, mighty scary ...


Got a little bit of time on my hands staying home and keeping myself warm and cozy for Halloween. 

The rain finally returned to California, but with it came the cold & flu and I have been sending Peter out to work while I cuddle close to our little pellet stove, chugging away and keeping our cabin warm.


Cold & Flu

Why is a cold more scary when one enters the golden years? When I was younger I just took the occasional cold in stride. Peter is still good at that, no flies on him. Now I tend to coddle myself. With the wisdom of age I can still usually prevent colds from sneaking up on me with Real Time. Scary. The temperature has dropped to half it was last month; I have the chills and the wind is howling. Happy Halloween to you!

Can't work today

Many have seen that we added a new product line to our art lineup, and we sell more Real Time Pain Relief now than art. I became interested in the natural product when I needed some help with my back. I had polio as a child and while they fixed me up I lack the extra layer of muscle most people have. I fixed my back with Real Time; hey it fixed my hips and arthritic knees and now I have found another great use for this natural product. I rub it on my face and it clears my sinuses. So I figured what do I have to lose, this an infection, sure to go into my neck & chest.

The good news is I have been able to contain the infection in my head by rubbing Real Time Maxx on my face, careful not to go in the eyes, and around my neck and also on my chest. When away from home I like the vegan roll-on as easier to apply and light.

What a glorious product this is!

And more good news.

We have an online special in November where you are able to get a FREE $10 rube of Real Time sent to you if you order $10.00 or more in product. (Click the image below.)

Free $10 Tube Offer


How did this scary tradition enter into the fabric of our American culture? Long before the birth of Christ, in the Celtic world of Ireland, England, and parts of France, the end of summer harvest was celebrated, with the New Year beginning shortly after. It was said that on the last night of the year the curtain between alive and dead was at its thinnest, and the ghosts of the dead came out to roam the countryside. The frightened people lit bonfires to keep away the evil spirits and if they walked abroad, they would light their way with a candle in a hollowed out turnip which they had carved with an ugly face. Halloween survived in the Catholic Celtic world, and it even survived the Protestant Reformation with its rejection of all things Catholic, false or symbolic. Halloween, as it exists in America today, was brought here in the mid 1800s, when more than a million Irish immigrants made their way to America, following the disastrous Potato Famine. Once here, they discovered that pumpkins were far easier to carve with funny faces, than turnips.

Scary Times

Just watched a video on Facebook (a skit) where Trump & Hillary were serenading each other about "This Election from Hell". America retains its sense of humor in the face of everything. It will soon be over if they don't go on fighting each other in the courts ...

To end on a positive note: when I next write we will probably know who is our next President.

The Job of a President

Excerpt from Politics IOU (FREE eBook)

A Politician's Privilege is to serve … The people elect the President and he serves only at their pleasure. A good president forces in transparency.

Then he looked up at me with his lazy smile and said, "Eight years ago when I almost ran for President I asked Kimre, that very same question.” His smile was little whimsical for, as we know, he didn’t run for office and his wife Kimre died of cancer shortly thereafter. Three years ago Gonzali and I were married.

"And what did your first wife say?" I asked, not quite sure if I should press the question but he seemed okay with it.

He said, "She reminded me of when the kids were small and how I handled them …

  • Keep good order, and teach them that work can be play, if it is done right.
  • Never take a toy away unless you have a better one to give.
  • Be willing to play Umpire, and remember to regulate their games so that they learn to play fair.
  • Don't allow anyone to bully, not others and not each other.
  • Reward them generously, but only when they contribute.
  • Reinforce the idea that they are a part of the family, of the town, and of the world.
  • Believe in their ability and their innate goodness, and turn them into team players.

He concluded by saying that any President should set a good example and inspire his people; leading them to a better and happier life. He should use his position and his new power more wisely than any man he replaces.

Scary times but if we choose wisely America will come through this okay.


Quote for the Month

“Scary, that there are many things that we can’t understand about the past; all the bad things that happened ... and we become afraid of what might happen in the future. It’s okay to be afraid. but we have to keep hoping and believing ... to keep hoping and trying our best to be good and do good. even when we're afraid” ~ Natisa Haji

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