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April 2016 Newsletter

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For the last week and a day it has been raining; gentle spring rains. It reminds me of Africa. I prefer my wet weather to come in when it is warmer. A few snow storms can be spectacular, but I love to see the blossoms on the trees, the daffodil buds opening and facing up to the sky, and the rolling mountains decked with wild flowers.

At the house on the corner
Seen on the way to Bakersfield two weeks ago

Color Palette 2016

Aren’t the colors of Spring liberating? Colors this year are a combination of inspiration, touched with a desire for stability. I love the unusual hues, it is not just red, it is “Fiesta”, not just navy it is called “Snorkel Blue”, not just pink, it is ‘Rose Quartz”. As you read the name you get the perfect picture of the color along, with all the wonderful associations.

Not many women follow fashion in this economy but when it is possible, like for your special Mother, for her special day, play with the new colors and go with what is currently fashionable.

She will probably say to you, ”Oh you shouldn’t!” but when you are not looking she will look at the frothy piece of colorful nonsense you have given her for Mother’s Day and a little smile will play around her mouth!

You can bring a touch of excitement into your Mother’s Life and would that not be a good thing? Growing older can be the pits, but someday you, too, will be there.

Rose Quartz, is a compassionate gentle tone found in nature in a sunset, a spring flower or the flushed cheek of your loved one. If you wear it it will convey a positive mood, yet in no way brash.

Peach Echo is a sofrter friendlier version of bold, brash orange worn by road workers. It makes a great accent color. Spot this color in the spring flowers now blooming on the hills of California

“Snorkel Blue” belongs in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic overtone. Elegant and striking, in the main this color in an ensemble or worn to accent or anhance another 2016 color, can be stunning.

Heralding the onset of summer, “Buttercup” is bolder than the other 2016 colors. We always need at least one exception when we want to go out and make a statement.

A shade of aqua that leans toward green and its name “Limpet Shell” tells it all. It suggest clarity and freshness, and yet it is crisp.

As in most any season, there is the need for neutrals. “Lilac Gray” is not just grey, the subtlety is in the lilac undertone.

High energy “Fiesta” creates a mood of excitement. Bold and vivid, it contrasts with the other 2016 colors.

“Iced Coffee” is another strong neutral for the season. With its natural earthy quality, Iced Coffee creates a stable foundation when combined with the rest of this season’s palette.

“Green Flash” also heralds summer, it being bold and close to nature. The color is full of adventure, challenging, inspiring, and a perfect color for a perfect gift for Mom.

Airy, and filled with space like the sky, “Serenity” has a calming influence. It is one of those essentially neutral colors that form the foundation of a good wardrobe. Accent with a scarf, or colorful sweater. It is a perfect match with all the other 2016 perfect colors.

Health Tips (Did You know?)

  • Athletic performance worsens with dehydration.
  • Through driving simulation tests it is now proven that men who are dehydrated make the same errors as drunk drivers! If you have bad breath it could be that you are dehydrated. This is because without enough water you will have less saliva; saliva is anti-bacterial and cuts down odor.
  • Reduced memory, loss of focus and irritability can often be cured simply by drinking more water.
  • If you suffer a headache or even a horrible migraine, before you pop a pill, try a full glass of water.
  • Thirst is often confused by the body with hunger. When you are on a diet, don’t reach for that sugar-snack, rather drink a glass of water.
  • A typical symptom of dehydration is mid-afternoon tiredness. Without enough water in your body your blood pressure will drop, your heart rate will increase, and there will be reduced blood flow to your brain.

To really understand your body’s interaction with water, go to “Water Secrets”.


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