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June 2015 Newsletter

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I have been amazed, the drought notwithstanding, at how green my world is this summer. We have been enjoying intermittent spring rains; not winter rains and very little snow last year, but there have been true spring sprinkles like in South Africa where I grew up.

I love summer rain - it cools the heat and chases away the fires.

These thoughts brought to mind this picture (lawn cared for with recycled water) and a poem sent to me by Sarah Edwards a few years ago.

There Is No Color Green
by Sarah Edwards

There is no color green.
Just a tapestry of shades called green.
The palest shades of muted green.
The brightest shades of light green.
The deepest shade of dark green.
The brown greens, the yellow greens, the red greens and the blue greens.
The greens of shadow and the greens of sunlight.
The dawn greens and dusk greens, laid out like a textured carpet below my deck.
An ever-changing kaleidoscope of green to greet my every glance as the sun moves.
I’m bathed in Summer green.

Locally we are blessed as we may just have sidestepped the California drought. Thought of this when we settled here. Planned it out. We are blessed with deep water wells.

It is hot though, hotter than I remember in the years before.

As I sit and type this newsletter I take a long, cooling swig from my Kangen water. Having this little Kangen machine is also a blessing as was choosing to live off the beaten track in a place where there is good clean air and fresh water.

Now it is true that you can’t always change where you live, but you can change the acidosis in your body, the primary cause of malaise as you are growing older.

Another deep swig - Ah, yes! Feels sooooo so good!

The reason acidosis is so common in our society is because growing healthy food has become secondary to the large corporate $$$$ interests. These multinational companies find it more profitable to truck food in from all over the globe. The acidic additives are there to make the food last during transit. They even truck in the meat, gag on it. And you will never know, for now it has become globally illegal to tell you on the label. They tell us that big companies have rights. Gag on it.

Did you know that if you added up the mileage that all the ingredients in one small taco travels, it would go around the globe four times - that is a mighty lot of acid you are getting from the big corporate model.

But did you also know that ...

  • Your body is 70% water.
  • The blood has to maintain a pH of 7.365 for you enjoy good health.
  • Blood acidity is not to be confused with an acid stomach. These are two totally different things.
  • A pH of 7.0 is neutral. A pH below 7.0 is acidic. A pH above 7.0 is alkaline.
  • Some foods leave an acid residue, some an alkaline residue, most fruits and vegetables leave an alkaline residue.
  • By living healthy and drinking alkaline water you have far less need to medicate your body. Medications make the body acid and while they may have a short term benefit they are toxic and expensive.
  • Sugar’s harm to the body comes from its acidity and most processed foods contain added sugar.
  • The body stores acidic toxins in the fatty tissue. A body will let go of the extra pounds once a state of gentle alkalinity has been maintained over a long time.

So even in a toxic world you can maintain a quality of life by eating and drinking healthy.

Staying healthy with Kangen is easy even in a crazy world!

Cool Water
Another delicious swig!

Quote for the Month

Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes - one for peace and one for science. John F. Kennedy.

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