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May 2015 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

I saved this newsletter for the Memorial Day weekend.

Like most things in our life that are back to front right now, our weather up here on the hill: Winter in Summer and Summer in winter!

The weather has truly been crazy but today for Memorial Day the sun is shining and the temperature is inching up to 71 degrees.

What is it that they say, ”Gray May and June Gloom”?

I wanted to share with you some little known facts about Memorial Day.

Did you know?

  • Name change: That once upon a time Memorial Day was called Decoration Day. This was because on this day the graves of the fallen would be visited and so were decorated in splendor with flowers, flags and ribbons.
  • Date change: Previously Memorial Day was on the 30th day in May but was changed to the last Monday in May to give Federal employees a long weekend.
  • Oh our divided nation: Did you know that to this day there is a Confederate Memorial Day? In the beginning many of the Southern States refused to honor Decoration Day and they “claimed” only the fallen Union soldiers were being honored. This I can understand in the few decades after the civil war, for the loss of a gracious if unfair lifestyle was sorely lamented in the South. I have been reading recently about this period in American history and find it fascinating. Here is my question to you though, "Does it make sense to still have a separate Confederate Memorial Day and celebrate it even to this day?"
  • Moment of Silence: There is an official moment of silence on Memorial Day. Did you know this? Share this with friends and family at three p.m. (local time) This can be quite a powerful experience as you remember (together) those who served and lost their lives for our freedom.
  • Best Remembered: Our fallen soldiers are best remembered in the words of James A. Garfield in a speech he made before he was President. “If silence is ever golden, it must be beside the graves of 15,000 men, whose lives were more significant than speech, and whose death was a poem the music of which can never be sung.”

Happy Memorial Day to you and to yours!

Happy Memorial Day

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