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April 2015 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

You do know that Mother’s Day is May 10th, don’t you? Did you know however that the second week in May is also “Wildflower’s Week?

Big Sunflower

Just look at this bonnie sunflower standing tall and strong; it is a single flower that is better than all others, yet it also exists as member of its group of wild flowers
The question I pose in this newsletter is: Will there be times when the other members of this sunflower group choose to collectively harm or restrict the individual bloom?

Not wildflowers, surely, that’s stretching the metaphor, you say and I agree with you. But what of human beings? What of Americans? What of Californians? In our society how far have we gone to restrict individuality?

Does the individual even have rights? Some think not. I think that you bet he does. It is all about the power of choice, his right to a free choice over all the elements of his life. Important? Absolutely.

Recently we listened to an audio book, “The Lincoln Myth” (great book by the way by Steve Berry) which examines the rights of the states to secede - fascinating concept. If a state feels it is not getting a square deal can it just walk out? If the people in Idaho think their individual rights are being trampled by the central government can they just walk away? Lincoln disagreed. To him the State of the Union was paramount and I tend to side with him. Yet I also see that if some members of the group choose to run roughshod over others, this is a situation that needs to change.

It is all about the right of the individual to exercise free choice, to determine, himself, where he is going.

I received an email recently describing what our world would be like if there were zero aggression. Interesting concept, what does it mean? It means that others do not have the right to use force to make you follow their agenda.

It is all about the right to your own free self determinism.

Let’s look at this in the context of the family. Big brother steals his little brother’s toys (using his superior force). Is this right? No, we can clearly see that in this instance it is wrong. This is where honest, caring parents need to step in to educate their older child that persuasion and good reason and sharing and thinking of the greater good, aggression is not the American way. Or is it? I don’t know when I look at the Aggression in Health Care and Government.

Individuals have an inalienable right to their own free choice, but you have this right only when you stand up and are prepared to fight for it.

Your own right to your own self-determinism is worth fighting for.

Sometimes Big Brothers Suck

And what of aggression in the world?

There is now an international treaty being negotiated called the Trans Pacific Partnership. An economy speeds up when the trade check points and stops are eliminated bringing in a faster economy which is a prosperous economy. But are there elements in this apparently good treaty that makes it dead wrong? You bet there are. Click on the link above for all the details.

Big Pharma is at it again. In every which way they try to wipe out the wellness industry with the motive to boost their profits and they are not shy to use the force of regulation to do it. They are seeking to deny people the right to manage their own healthcare. This week again Big Pharma is in the news saying that Homeopathy is snake oil, but is this true?

Most of all is it their call? It is not their call.

We, the consumers should have the power of choice. It is our call.

A long, long time ago I was a medical rep for a big pharmaceutical company. I used to go round to see doctors to educate them on the company’s medications. I traveled around the country in a little powder-blue Peugeot that I loved. I wore pleated mini skirts and knee high boots and although right now you may find this hard to believe, I even had a tiny waist. I rocked!

Never used the image to get me sex, but I sure used it to get past the doctor’s receptionists! Doctors are busy people and access was often denied. One does what one has to and hey, I was top rep for two years in a row. But I digress. What has this to do with Power of Choice?

I tell this silly story to show I was not always into holistic medicine as I now am. That herbs worked for me was a realization that came slowly over a lifetime of trial and error.. I understand natural healing and I concede it does not work for everybody.

People are different and that is why there has to be the Power of Choice.

When I was a medical rep our top medication was an antibiotic that was not penicillin but you know what? It only had a 73% efficacy rate. What of the other 27% I would ask myself and some enlightened doctors asked the same question. Now more than half a century later I do think that there is a quality of joy, a quality of life that each person has and this differs. Herbs and homeopathy and natural remedies seem to work well on some people and should they be denied the cures that truly help them because they don’t fall into the middle ground? Hell no! In the middle ground I do see that the medication needs more clout to bring a result, but this does not apply to others.

We all have to fight to keep our power of choice. Those of us who use natural healing have to fight to retain the right to get our natural remedies. This should not be in a free society. Let’s get rid of all the BIG STICKS.

I have a family member who was an only child. Father had a hard time of it, he fled Russia and went to South Africa where he was most successful building his own small business.

The problem was his only child was a talented musician, and had had opportunity to train and perform internationally as a guitarist. Yet father was determined to force him to give up his art and come into and run his business.

I can see both sides of this problem, but here the father was dead-wrong. He didn’t win out. He lost his child and grand children. His effort to use force to control his child ruined not just his life but the life of his child for many years thereafter.

Child Fairness and Justice

I encourage you to stand up for your freedom of choice and to oppose the misuse of force in friends, family and especially in government where some want to use force to further their own agenda.

Reason and persuasion is the American way.

You have an inalienable right to determine your own life.

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