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February 2015 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

Spring continues to sneak up on us up here on the hill, and I am so delighted by the balmy weather. I see blossoms on the trees and last night I found myself throwing off blankets again. I begin to dream of the time ahead in our lovely pool. Just to keep me humble, a good friend reminded me yesterday that the heaviest snow storm in a decade (2012) to hit our neck of the woods actually arrived in March!

January and February are the months in America when we celebrate Black History.
Having been born and raised in Africa I remember the glorious summer months of January and February and the deep love that I have for an amazing culture, rich in color, rich in song and very close to nature that is Black but that predates Black History.
Did you know:

It was Carter Woodson a son of former slaves in Kentucky who introduced the idea of celebrating Black History back in 1926. An interesting man, he began high school at age 20 but ended his educations with a PhD from Harvard.

The second week of February was selected for Black History because it encompassed the birthdays of both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.  The association Carter Woodson started still exists today doing amazing work, although its name has been changed to the Association for the Study of African American Life (ASALAH). (More politically correct!)

It is interesting to note that Carter Woodson saw the bigger picture as witnessed by this quote painted as a mural and his desire to also honor Lincoln, a white man.

Carter Woodson

In February we also think of love and roses, and Valentine’s Day had come and gone; did you have a good one?  Did you know that while here in America we expect a husband or lover to offer flowers or a card to someone they admire for Valentines, in Africa’s Zulu culture a beaded necklace is given. Different beaded patterns have different meanings. Seven colors are combined in different ways and each color has a different significance. These necklaces are used also to advertise and inform; like, is this woman eligible for marriage? Does she have a dowry? Is she already married?
Having traveled I find the different cultures of the world, fascinating. But you don’t have to travel to appreciate the different cultures right here in America.

Five years ago we received a photo of a very special lady who had passed in the Philippines from her daughter living in America. What a wonderful old, but kind face. The family was honoring her full and happy life, but had no photo of her alone; she had been such a happy social family member. We extracted her from a busy photograph with several others and blew up her face. There she was alone in her blue dress in all her glory. The family was pleased.
There is a sequel to this story. Last week we got a new order for Photo-to Art placed on the web.
The daughter that ordered that first picture of her Mom had moved to Texas. She placed three orders, all of beloved family members she wanted to remember. Her sister had now also passed and what better way to honor and remember her?

So this week I am having great fun working on three more wonderful pictures. I want you to know that the photo work is always free. We only charge by size of frame. Placing an order on line is easy, for you can send us the pictures from your phone by email.  With your permission we are also able to lift pictures from your Facebook page, making it very easy to order your picture.

Note: (Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Grandparents do so love meaningful pictures of their grandchildren.)

With Photo-to-Artwork you can begin your own family history and create your own heritage.

Photo-to-Artwork - Loved Ones Remembered 

Loved Ones Collage

Speaking of different cultures, with all of us so much the same and yet so very different, I have recently been getting a great introduction to the Latino culture.
If you go to our website you will find everything is still there, the art, the photo-to-art and the sheets, but there is a subtle difference. There has been a paradigm shift.  There is less emphasis on art and we are doing fewer shows and not taking many pictures to the shows we do present. Health has replaced Art. You will be hearing much more about health in future newsletters. As we strove to find you art that was unique, so we now seek out the unique, safe and effective remedies that may not yet be all that well known. This is often because they are state of the art.  To keep your finger on breaking news and new effective products that truly heal, visit the health section of Picture Lady and like Picture Lady Health on Facebook. We try and test all the products we offer on the web site on ourselves before we offer them to you.

This morning I had a call from a little Spanish Lady whose grandson had discovered our pain relief product on the weekend. He asked his 83 year old grandmother to call to inquire about the product.

What a delightful lady, full of humor and bright as a button, although her health situation cannot be easy. She has back problems and is in a wheelchair. The doctors say she is too frail to operate and she doesn’t like medicating herself. She had the usage instructions right there on the table in front of her and was intrigued by the natural ingredients, the idea of an ingredient based OTC pain relief product.
I mean, she wanted to know everything, she asked so many questions, bless her.
After I had explained each of the tubes to her, how they work and why they work, the conversation went on like this:
“I think we have been cheated,” she said with surprising spunk.
“How so?” I asked.

“Well, they promised us the golden years,” she said, “but what we are getting is Copper.”

 “Copper?” I asked.

“It breaks!”


“I told my Doctor and he explained it to me,” she continued.

“How so?”
“Well, it is like this, when a woman goes through menopause you can have sex, but you won’t have a baby, right?”

“Right ...” (tentatively)
“So that’s why they call it the Golden Years!”


Happy Valentines to all of you and especially to my new, spunky Spanish friend. I am so glad we are able to help you.

Doing well by doing good!


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