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January 2015 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

So here we are in January 2015, can you believe it?

Feeling blessed; we enjoyed the best holidays ever (warm family sharing) with a new addition to the family of great, grand niece, little Noelle born on my birthday.

I have changed the time I send the monthly newsletter to the middle of the month (15th) as too much is happening at month end. We have also changed the focus of our business. Looking at where we are now and where we want to be in 2020, we are setting out to be able to give real help to others.

I have some residual from polio as a child, but for the most part Peter and I are fortunate in that we are both in excellent health, well almost. Already in our golden years we do not depend on medications. It didn’t just happen that way. We put a lot of energy and time studying alternate health and holistic remedies and it has served us well. There is a lot of snake oil out there, even in the Wellness movement and one can go wrong. We have found common sense remedies and discovered remedies that are moderate to low-cost and effective. We want to share these with you.

So, you are going to find these newsletters talking more about health than art, although our art catalogue and Photo-to-Artwork information will still remain on-line and you can always order. We will deliver to you at the next show. Don’t look, however, to see us bringing art to our shows as we did before.

So much for the preamble: This is Cold and Flu time.

Uh Oh!

After all my brag above, know that Peter got a cold during the holidays. So did my brother in-law who ended up in emergency and taking antibiotics. So am I making promises (that we have cold and flu licked at Picture Lady), promises I cannot demonstrate in my life? Not at all. Could I get either man to follow the regimen?

Of course not!

I am still fit and healthy and so is my sister. We followed the Picture Lady regimen to the letter. We are the proof of the efficacy of the regimen.

Peter is naturally healthy overall, much more so than I, but like so many men he doesn’t want to fuss. Go figure! Why is it that men would rather cough and splutter and feel oh so rotten, when they really don’t have to? Don’t nag me woman - have you heard that refrain before?

Well, Peter struggled on and suffered for about a week and then we had a talk. He got it. He really got it!. Finally understanding the basic principles, he was even able to create with the regimen.

When my son was growing up, a favorite book was about Louis Pasteur explaining the fight that goes on in your body when it is infected, using the metaphor of an army attacking the walls of a protected city. Know that a lot is about timing in war and it takes about six hours after you have beaten the critters down for them to regroup and make another assault. So you need to take your remedy before that time runs out.

You take the herbs every six hours. When your body is at the lowest ebb, at 4 am and 4 pm, that is when you take the most potent of the remedies: Cold and Flu. My brother-in-law Eric and last year my son who also got sick took one taste of Cold and Flu and spat the stuff out and that was that. I admit that Cold and Flu tastes awful. It is not for wimps, but boy does it work. So I eat a Ricola cough drop right after and if I am out of those, I usually have grapes in the fridge. Big deal. Bad taste two minutes or less, and stay healthy. It is a no-brainer.

Know also that when your body has toxicity it is as though the walls and the draw bridge and the moat have all been breached. Then it is easy for the attacking critters to come roaring in. Eat right and drink right when you are infected. Actually, eat right and drink right, always, and your chances of staying healthy are much higher.

Did you know that you can add to the toxicity in your body by drinking compromised water?

Bad Water

Cold or Flu – What is the Difference?

Both are caused by viruses, but is there a difference?

We know that one is less severe than the other.

Colds begin with a runny nose. Congestion follows with a cough developing by the fourth or fifth days from the congestion that has by then moved down into the chest. Children are more likely to have a fever with colds than adults.

Several hundred different viruses cause your cold symptoms and they hang around for about a week, unless you are blessed with homeopathic or proven herbal remedies that shorten the duration. A cold is contagious but only in the first three days.

Most people with a cold hot-foot it down to the pharmacy, but that is not always in your best interest. Many of the chemical home remedies that do alleviate the symptoms also prolong the condition and tend to generally lower your body’s ability to fight the next battle. The critters just regroup and get stronger.

Stay warm and get lots of good sleep when you have a cold. Yes, this is the time when you have the very best excuse to take it easy, especially at the start of the cold, for nobody wants you bringing in your critters to work. What a wonderful excuse to snuggle down, read a good book or let your body heal while you nap.

What of the Flu? Is this just a really bad cold run amuck?. With the flu the nasty little critters are very specific and very nasty and can be a danger to all, as they can be extremely contagious. Like many doctors you may think that antibiotics solve every malady. Nothing can be further from the truth. They are useless against the virus.

Antibiotics destroy the good critters in your gut, those critters put there specially to help you detox. With your body under attack by viruses there is more muck to eliminate and get out of your system so your colon needs those good critters to do their job. The truth is that the flu virus cannot be cured by antibiotics.

So why do some people get well after taking antibiotics?

It is the secondary infection that is cured by antibiotics. Contagious flu can be so nasty that, if not caught and handled promptly, it can quite undo you, for it is your body's ability to resist that takes a heavy toll. What happens then is that when your defences go down, the secondary infections (like pneumonia) kick in. These secondary canons (fever producing bacteria) can and should be treated with antibiotics. When you hear of people dying from the flu they die from these secondary bacterial illnesses, like pneumonia.

When should you treat a cold yourself and when should you go and see the doctor?

  • Extreme sore throat
  • High fever – temperature above 101 degrees
  • A cough that doesn’t abate – going on for weeks
  • Acute pain in sinuses, or in your head
  • Any drainage from your ear

Peter didn’t have any of these symptoms, so we treated him and he got better. The brother-in-law did have some symptoms and so it was correct for him to go see the doctor. He also got well.

We are very blessed that we have both orthodox medicine and holistic solutions to keep the bastions strong.

So what is the Picture Lady foolproof regimen?

1. In the winter months take a Wellness Formula, morning and night - if in an area where others are infected, increase the Wellness capsules to one every six hours. You can take up to six in a day.

2. In the winter months take a Transfer Factor every morning. If others in your space are infected, increase this to one capsule morning and night.

3. Always have an Umcka packet in your purse. Pop it in your mouth as soon as your nose begins to water, or if you at all feel queasy in any way.

4. If your sinuses clog up (even slightly) take 2 squirts of Cold and Flu and then follow up at 4 p.m. and 4 a.m. and every six hours therafter until well for at least 3 days.

5. If you are sick already, take Cold and Flu and Transfer Factor every six hours. Dose with Umcka as needed and increase your Vita C. We also like Emergen-C (affordable at Costco).

6. Drink more water than usual, preferably Alkaline Water.

7. Peter’s remedy: Juice a lemon and add honey and cayenne pepper. Serve in hot water, preferably Alkaline Water, morning and night.

8. If you have pain (severe throat) or your temperature rises above 100 go and see the doctor.

Peter’s cold has now abated and he was able to get well faster. The brother-in-law never quite got it, and he has suffered more.

Changing Weather Patterns

Is cold a factor? Absolutely. We are having a mild winter and this is helping.

Winter 2014
Winter 2015

There is definitely a change in the pattern of the weather. Up here in the Kern County Mountains the weather gods are working in our favor. In 2013 the temperature ranged from 8 degrees to 35 degrees in the nights, and hovered around forty during the day. Now in 2015 the temperatures are ranging between 29 and 45 at night and it hovers around sixty in the day.

Last weekend we had soft rain for two long days. Love that gentle rain that hydrates the plants and soaks right in, giving us all the water we need, but presenting no hassles. We don’t have to fix the chains to get to and from our little paradise.

Cold and Flu Bottle

Cold and Flu

Wellness Formula

Transfer Factor


Kangen Water

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So, yes, let me begin and end this letter by telling you that I am truly feeling blessed!

Peter & Lynn

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