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October 2014 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

Summer is almost at an end. As the leaves begin to turn up here it reminds me of growing older and moving on into my golden years.



I am writing to you today about pain: we will address how to conquer pain all the way up on the scale to the level of seven. The last two levels must be given over to the doctor and the hospital. At that level you can still heal but in the interim you do need some extra masking of the pain to bear it. From levels one to seven a natural ingredient based therapy is superior.

As I have grown older (especially as I had to newly conquer some old body problems from my early polio) I am infinitely grateful that I had the privilege to study the then new Alternate Healing, when I was in my early twenties. I am not stuck as some friends are, on only the pure and natural; I think there is a place for both orthodox and natural medicine in my life. I have proven beyond doubt that I need and am able to benefit from both Western (pill based therapy) and Eastern (plant based therapy). The proof of the pudding seems to be the ability where even as I am growing older that I know what to use when, in order to remain PAIN Free.

Pain doesn't show up in your life for no reason at all. It is your body talking to you and it is an indicator that something in your lifestyle needs to change.

Firstly what I like most about Real Time Pain Relief is that it works. When I experience pain I reach for my RTPR tube and rub it on. Then five minutes later I give it a second coat and voila, if the pain is not entirely gone it has been greatly alleviated. As I continue to apply the cream to the hurting area on successive days I know the healing ingredients go in there again and again and continue to work.

Secondly what I like is that it hasn't sought to mask the pain. There is a big difference between masking and alleviating. RTPR is an ingredient based solution. It still lets me get the danger warnings from my body so that I can address the necessary lifestyle changes that the aging body wants. Resolving the old malaise from the earlier polio it was RTPR AND physical therapy exercise AND change of diet AND finding the right pair of shoes that actually finally fixed me up.

So I think that it is good that RTPR makes the pain bearable, but does not mask the condition. I also like that because it is an ingredient based therapy it continues to penetrate through the seven layers of skin and work again and again and every day to bring a lasting relief.

Pain killing pills can blot out the pain. The problem is they also cut down on your sense of aliveness and you begin to see and feel less. Long term use of over the counter pills, have been proven to cause liver damage and such an addiction is likely to shorten your life. (Source =

Pain by the Numbers:


  • 20% of the world population suffers from pain worldwide
  • 1 in 10 adults are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year
  • 1 in 5 adults suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain
  • 1 in 3 adults have trouble living independently due to pain

In the United States

  • 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain
  • 25.8 million have pain due to diabetes
  • 23 million have pain due to heart disease and stroke
  • 11.9 million have pain due to cancer
  • 26 million between ages 20 and 64 have frequent back pain

Real Time Pain Relief

RTPR is the answer for Arthritis, Muscle Ache , Sunburn, Strains, Sprains Bruises and Cramps and a chiropractic adjustment that fixed you up, but left you still with some pain. RTPR can be used with pill-based therapy providing the local relief and healing.

And one last word; remember that whenever you experience aches and pains much can be resolved simply by:

Positive Attitudes In Negative Situations

Wishing you good health and all good things!


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