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April 2014 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

Here is what we saw on our way out to work this week. Notice raindrops on the windshield; rain (and snow) is finally here but not for long!

If you go to my Facebook page for a look at "Throwback Thursday" you will see how the weather has been changing in California. I do not think these changes are due to global warming, but rather that there has been a gentle shift in the pattern of our weather which delights me. You see, not all change is bad.

This is the first in a series of monthly newsletters about change. Some people cope with change but there are those who cannot. Living with change is an ability, and it is therefore something that can be learned.

Regarding change we have two choices, time moves on at an unrelenting pace, BUT it is still up to us to decide if the changes we are experiencing are GOOD – this is our decision. Even if we decide the changes are bad, and we are unable to do much about them (for now) we still have the choice as to how we react and cope with Change.

We recently visited a welfare office to do a show for the Employees. I liked their mission statement "partnering with communities to help vulnerable people." Yet when we got there we found that they themselves were overwhelmed. There had been more than 400 applicants to process in a matter of hours. It was the very last day people could sign up for ObamaCare.

I asked myself why there are so many vulnerable people in America? I remember a time when all my friends were self sufficient and doing well, but this is no longer true. And the next question, why did so many people leave their applications to the very last minute? If they were also offering dental insurance, this rush to get aboard would have made more sense.

This got me to thinking about the changes I have seen in healing during my lifetime.

Where I came from the doctor was our family friend. He cared for us all and he expected to take charge of our health from the time he delivered each family member to the time we died. He visited often as a friend and of course he made house calls when he was needed. Can you remember a doctor who makes house calls? I recall my upset when coming to America and having my child with a temperature of 103 degrees, calling the doctor and being told to go to Emergency. Have you ever waited around in Emergency; cold and unhealthy and impersonal?

My concern is that with a new Healthcare System (written by insurance companies) we are getting even further away from that close and working relationship that should exist between a doctor and a patient.

A very old (healthy) man once told me "Doctors practice, I don’t want them practicing on me." When doctors are three times removed from the people they seek to heal, it ushers in a climate of experimental medicine and this puts you and your family at risk.

How are you to handle the recent changes in Health Care?

First: Do not sign up for any insurance that does not allow you to choose your doctor. If they tell you that you MUST join the HMO and get assigned a doctor arrange to move just as soon as you can. Kern County is still relatively sane in this regard. Cost of insurance should be secondary.

Second: A way to stay on top of things is to get all the knowledge to help you stay healthy. Fortunately, there is still responsibility and relationship in Integrative Medicine – I love my chiropractor.

Third: Ironically it was Nancy Pelosi who once said "Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without keeping their day job in order to have health insurance." This unfortunately is no longer true for you have to work a corporate job or be taxed because you do not carry health insurance. The answer some customers are embracing is to have the wife work to get the insurance, while the husband is free to create a business in the private sector. Even if you are single, you may find it survival to get creative and to start a little (tax deductible) business on the side. No time? We can help. Once your enterprise is established, we can run the Internet Marketing for you. In the light of recent changes in healthcare a second stream of independent family income is the greatest insurance of all!

Lastly, but more important than all the rest, you want to keep a troubled world outside and to create warmth, beauty and love in the safety and comfort of your home.

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