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October 2013 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

I went to visit a neighbor I hadn’t seen for some years. She had retreated into her house with her condition. I could not believe the change in her and regretted not bringing the water to her earlier.

When I last had close contact M. was as bright and as alive as a perky bunny rabbit. She was President of the Quilting Society, and many a time coming in from our shows I would see at least a dozen cars around her house with cheerful laughter spilling out into the street. We would meet out walking for she was a part of weight watchers and the ladies would walk two to three miles each day often going into the forest beyond our house.

In those days our weekends were free and each Sunday after Church we would meet to enjoy the very best coffee and cakes on the hill prepared by Peter’s sister. M. would share her colorful stories about when she was a dog trainer and eventually had been invited to be a judge at Pure-bred Dog Shows.

I am in close contact with several neighbors on Facebook. We live on the same street, but we talk regularly on Facebook. Not able to help her with the water I suggested we come over and set her up on Facebook and invited her to join our FB community. She brightened perceptibly as we discussed this, saying eagerly, “Oh do you think I might find some of my old 'doggie' friends?

It was not to be. Her husband had turned his computer off, frustrated by the incredible overload of emails he had been experiencing.

Email Overload

He was adamant. The computer was to stay turned OFF. How incredibly sad. I think this is a problem to many of our generation. We would like to use the new communication tools but we just do not know how. So we go into overwhelm and eventually give up and turn the "damn box" off.

Solving email overload is very simple, if you know how. My suggestion is that you have three email addresses. It doesn’t cost you as gmail and hotmail are both free. I have a personal address for friends and family, a work email for customers and clients ( and a third class Gmail account which I give out when I buy anything or when asked to register on an interesting account. I check this email address only if and when. Yes you can have two Gmail accounts and shift from one to the other. Gmail also gives us the option to upgrade messages from one account to the other. Often I will clean out the “Third Class” account without reading more than one or two messages and there can be one or two hundred messages or more. I don’t have to read them but I can if I want to.

Select 'All' and select 'Delete' and whoosh, there they all go. It is a great satisfaction to get rid of email overload. Once I thought Gmail was complicated, but then I learned how to use it. Recently they made it even better, sorting messages into Promotion, Social and Primary; I love this.

I can go to Social and Promotion, do a quick scan to see if anything catches my eye and then delete all. In my account I rarely have more than seven messages in my Primary account at one time. It makes for really enjoying my email communication.

How do I do this?

  • I use my filters actively. Go to the Search Box to the right of the GOOGLE word and to the very right you will see a small down arrow. Click on it. Enter the name of the person you want to safe (white) list in the From box. Ignore the other boxes.

    At the bottom of the search box you will see “Create filter with this search.” Select this. You will then have the option to “Never send to spam” ; “Mark as important” or “Star it”. You also have the option to stop (police) unwanted messages.

  • I use my folders actively. When I have read a message I select it and decide if I want to keep the information. If I do, I click on the second from right icon that looks like a little black book. This gives me the option to move the message into a folder. For example: Another vendor wrote me about an event he wanted me to join. In the message was the date, the time and the directions. I moved this message to the Picture Lady folder. Had I not wanted to save the data I would have deleted the message after reading and replying to it.

As I have more than one business it is important for me to keep the information separate and easy to go back to.

There is another option you have and that is to use a free filtering service. There are several good ones that are free. My preference is Boxbe and they will give you the option to reject a message from someone who has never communicated to you before. Click on the picture for more information.


I hope you find this helpful. I shall write the next newsletter on netiquette. You don’t know that word? It is becoming increasingly important that you do and follow what is becoming cultural norm.

As we draw to the end of the year the leaves in our little village have turned to red and gold. Soon it will be Halloween. Halloween – is it Fabulous Fun or a Frightening Fad? Click on the scary picture for the answer.


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