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September 2013 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

We have been having so much fun in August creating family portraits.

Collage in Sepia

A customer came to us about three months ago. She had been raised by a grandmother and it had been a warm and sustaining relationship. The grandmother is now passed and with her, several of her siblings who had often been around the home while the girl was growing up. She had photographs of all of them but they were old. Some were even cracked and all in black and white. We talked about the project and she liked the idea of giving it the old, gracious sepia look. She asked us to restore these old photographs and to make her two collages. This was to help her to honor her grandmother and to keep the family heritage alive.

This is what she said when it was all said and done:

“My family loves the pictures. When you come into my home, the Heritage Wall is like a magnet and everybody goes there to admire it. It brings the family together providing us with a history – a pictorial story of the family including all our loved ones who have passed. You do really excellent work! Thank you so much” Carol B.W.

The ache for home lives in all of us, a place to which we can go and be ourselves. It has to be a safe place into which we can retreat and not be questioned. It should also be a beautiful place, for beauty is uplifting and a pretty and comforting home is where we like to go to get recharged. When we have the people that we care about around us, even if they are not actually physically present but in the form of precious, enhanced photographs, it brings back past joys and this is what is sustaining.

The whole family

I have to tell you that some photographs go on some real adventures! Here is a photograph of a family that was taken back and forth to Africa, folded up in his pocket as the father fled from land to land to avoid the civil strife in that far and unstable place. The upshot was that one whole daughter got erased from the family picture and you couldn’t see the others all that clearly either. You can understand though that it was this picture that was important, not a new fancy one of the family. It was this picture he had looked at over and over to keep his dreams alive, folding it over and over and putting it back in the pocket with sweaty palms.

This is a story that has a happy ending. Here they are finally all back together, safely in America. To celebrate that they had won out, that they had made it go right they wanted a photograph, but that old photograph had been the one thing that had sustained the father through difficult times. What a problem though. There was one daughter missing now!

So we took the eldest daughter from a different photo and put her back into the family picture. It worked out just fine. We also fixed up the cracks and photo damage.

Children grow up; they don’t stay the same and grandparents move on. It makes us happy to provide this service to our customers, for these recorded pictures are central to home; to life, love and happiness.

Regarding photo enhancement you can but don’t have to have it. If you go to my facebook page you will see how I have been able to lose a few years in the retouching on my profile picture. Sometimes you want this, sometimes not in a recorded moment. By the way, while you are there on Facebook send me a friend request. On that platform you will get a chance to see all the posts from the Creative Homemaker which has many useful health and decorating tips where it is easy to share with friends and family. I love Facebook, don’t you?

Photo-to-Artwork is the process where we turn a personal photo into a family portrait. We currently do not charge for photo work, even though almost every picture needs some touch-up. We do not even charge for turning a picture into a collage. We keep it simple and charge simply by the size. So, given the photo work is free, this is a really, really good deal.

  • 8x10 = $45.00
  • 11x14 = $65.00
  • 16x20 = $125.00
  • 20x30 = $175.00

(Note: this can also be paid in four payments with no interest charged.)

Our most popular size is 16x20, which is large enough for a collage. However, for a collage the best is the 20x30 size. Here is a sample. This collage was created for a cat lover. (Cats, sadly do not live as long as humans so it is good to record them.)

Cats Collage

We were given a dozen or more pictures and we listened to all the amazing stories about the intelligent and lovable cats. We then chose the pictures to reflect what was important to the customer. She didn’t have to fuss, she just brought us a pile of pictures and talked enthusiastically about what was precious to her.

Note: The big, intelligent cat in the middle of the picture thinks he is human. He will not eat from the bowl but instead picks up the cat food in his paw. No canned food for him. He wants only human food. He had to be our focal point!

I don’t know if the tradition in your family is to give gifts, flowers, or take your grandparents out to a restaurant on their special day? Grandparent's Day is always the first Sunday in September. A photo collage is a great and unique gift but if you have already missed Grandparent’s Day, Christmas is just around the corner!

Nowadays original oil paintings are priced so high that they are out of range for the average person. An affordable look-alike is the good way to go. In fact it is better, as our ArTex technique is far stronger, stronger in the degree that we guarantee our pictures for 4 years.

If your picture is delivered at a Picture Lady event, there is no Shipping or Handling fee, but we do ship if that is preferred. Some portraits are ordered straight off the web, and the pictures come in from a smart phone and we process the order and send it on its way. Then standard shipping costs apply. We charge $10 for 8x10” and 11x14”, $15.00 for the 16x20” and $20 for the 20x30” to ship a collage or portrait out.

These pictures become conversation pieces and you will find your friends talking about them. If so, please print out or email this newsletter for them. Or simply send them to

If you are thinking of a family collage or portrait as a personal Christmas Gift, now is the time to get it started. You need to allow at least one month for the photo work and for the ArTex which takes ten days to set. The ArTex is what makes it look like an oil painting although it really is not. This is also the technique that makes the colors so vibrant and your portrait so very different.

In these troubled times creating your home as a sanctuary is vital and important. But remember we are safely here in America and being here with our traditions of freedom and civilization, it is still better than being anywhere else!

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