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June 2013 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

I woke up this morning with the warming sun in my eyes. Summer is back again with beautiful long days! I changed my Facebook cover photo so that I can look at something really cool. Please like it and befriend me on Facebook.

As I did in the heat of last summer, I am going to write this newsletter about government shenanigans, inspired by all the irrationalities that are bouncing around in the news.

We are going to visit again with my imaginary neighbor family - do you remember, the family where the teacher-wife was Democratic while her husband was Republican?

Let me newly introduce you to this couple; her name is Abigail and he is Noah. They have been happily together for fifteen years, going on sixteen now, two years longer than the age of their oldest child, Troy, who has just turned fourteen. Amazingly they have been able to sort out their political differences, yet still be true to their own viewpoints, and to be able to maintain a healthy marriage. On this day when we check in with them they are sitting at the kitchen table with the sunlight streaming in.

"Norah called," said Abbey. Norah was her sister. "She says they have just raised her health insurance premiums. I don’t understand, Noah, like ObamaCare is about free universal health coverage, isn’t it?"

"Wrong!" he says.

"It is free, isn’t it Noah?"

"No it is not the universal free healthcare as in some nations."

"But we do have free insurance, don’t we?"

"Oh no, it is anything but free. We fall into the middle class that is targeted by the law, and we lose a lot. I am exploring the Obama exchanges to see if I can get the insurance back down."

"Can Nora get hers down by going to the exchanges?"

"I don’t know, Abbey. As a single parent she has a better chance and I promise to call her. Things are always confusing when there is a big change."

‘Yeah well, it should be free." They sat silently, half disagreeing, half not understanding, but still an old middle class couple that loved each other.

Finally she said, "Norah was also concerned about the twins." Norah was Abbey’s twin sister and she, in turn, had had twin boys. Noah was interested in her comment. The boys had graduated from college in 2005, but not able to find good work in their fields; they had started a small business together. They repaired computers.

"Norah says that if they don’t buy insurance the IRS is going to come after them. What on earth has the IRS to do with it? Norah says they have already had one IRS audit since they started in business. She says IRS audits are up on small business by 26% - it was in the news. That seems most unfair, Noah. And now the health stuff. With their student loans they won’t be able to afford the health insurance. She is not sure if not paying will trigger another audit. She wasn’t very happy!"

"They are going to have to buy their own insurance and it is not going to be cheap. The basic premise of ObamaCare is that the young and healthy should buy insurance to fund the treatment of the old and the infirm."

"And if they don’t?"

"Then they pay a tax."

"That is not what Obama called it."

"But a tax it is, "said Noah entering into the heat of their argument, "It has to be a tax, Abbey, for if not paid it is the IRS, not some other agency that is coming after them!"

"I still don’t think anybody should profit off people who are sick, that’s why I voted for ObamaCare." She hated to be wrong.

Actually he agreed with her. He just suspected that it was Big Pharma and Big Medicine who themselves had written the law. He wasn’t sure of his facts, so he kept quiet.

Abbey looked up at him with big eyes. "It is never the way they paint it, is it?

"Justice Roberts correctly called it a tax," he said finally.

"But the rest of us? Are we all stupid?"

"Maybe so!"

"What good is reading the Health Care Bill if it is a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?"

John Conyers (D-Mi)

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Stay cool!

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