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April 2013 Newsletter

Dear *|FNAME|*:

I have spring fever! Love the time change, love this weather; life is looking good! Has to be, just look at the rainbows!

This picture was taken with my new smart phone, traveling home from our store in the Travel Plaza at the Flying J at Lebec.

Web applications to teach children have been around now for some time. We oldies didn’t enjoy as colorful, as fast, or as fun a young-learning environment as our Generation Z grandchildren (those born in the twenty-first century) have on computers or on video.

So much for that, for now we have a whole new tech evolution. It is all about the magnificent smart phone.

My Granddaughter Sofia on her “Puter”

I switched to a smart phone because I found it was the only way to reach my kids. Calling didn’t work – they had the machine on. For a while they answered emails until they got so many that mine got lost in the deluge. Yet I find that if I text them, I get an answer within the hour!

It is important for us to realize that with the smart phones comes a whole new learning culture. On the web they talk about the pass-back phenomena, parents passing the smart phone to bored younger children with intent to engage and entertain them. It is a growing trend.

Smart phones are spreading faster than any other technology in human history. Did you know that?

  • 93% of teens ages 12-17 are computer savvy?
  • 69% of teens have their own computer?
  • 27% of teens already use smart phones?
  • 73% of teens are already on a social network and the average teen has 201 Face book friends and a full 37% send messages to their friends every day? (So much for Facebook’s age restrictions.)

These statistics can be scary unless we look at the potential that smart phones have to pass along education; to pass along that which is positive and valuable in our culture.

I have found some interesting and positive uses for smart phones.

I recently read about a program (actually being programmed by kids) with intent to combat human trafficking. The application puts stolen children in touch with a hotline or chat room where they can get help. Isn’t this fantastic? The program is covert, hidden on the phone and it is called Blossom. Now isn’t that some news appropriate for a Spring Newsletter?

In the area of education what we want to do is to replace the addictive war games and violent stories on TV or video games with fun Educational Games that run on a smart-phone. The violence in video games and on TV and in the movies is an aspect of our culture that we can let die as smart phones replace TV, and video.

I do want to say that I see some constructive uses for guns and were this not so we would not have the constitutional right to bear arms. But is the old culture and war giving kids the wrong message? What does war teach us? What is all the violence teaching the children? With all the debate about censorship of violence and the noise about the gun control laws, are we missing the essence of what is important in this arena?

The only valid use I can see for guns is to use them to protect our country and to bring our troops home safely.

Watch video here.


I’ve got two grand-kids and they are very excited about learning – they learn on computers and on the smart phone. This is a goal shared by App Treasure Hunter, a trusted source for families, so I wanted to tell you about them. I know about them because they are a client of my son’s company, “World Class Media.” They send out a monthly newsletter which informs of the best smart- phone applications available. In this way you can police what your family gets on a smart phone.

Can we Grandparents and working Moms band together to fill our kid’s phones with educational applications? Can we be responsible for creating the smartest generation in living history?

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