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September 2012

Dear Friend:

I woke up to another beautiful day in Paradise. We have had a comfortable summer with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees. It is getting cooler now but I have yet to see a leaf turning yellow. We look forward to that incredible splash of color just like in New Hampshire. That reminds me of the upcoming election; the subject of this newsletter.

I tried to open a new bottle of Shea Butter cream yesterday. I knew there was good stuff in the bottle, as I had used the brand before. It took me all of ten minutes to force it open. Eventually, I got so exasperated that I pulled out my nail scissors and PUNCHED a hole right through the top and decided I would not carry that brand. I have other good Shea Butter creams. What has this to do with elections? I am getting there.

Don’t ask me about those child-proof cleaning products for the bathroom.

Not so long ago I was making peanut butter and jelly on a rice cracker (delicious) and I needed to open a new bottle of peanut butter. You guessed it. I couldn’t open that ‘frickin’ bottle any which way I turned it. This time I gave up and went through to my husband whose hands and wrists are stronger than mine. Even he could not pry it loose. Eventually he resorted to a BIG OLD WRENCH! Why is it so hard these days to get at the good stuff? I have the same problem locating our good old democracy and our lost prosperity.

I think most of us are in America because we believe in the country and the people and the system. Yet it seems that our democracy has been locked up in a bottle and between corrupt politicians and their friends in K Street (lobbyists) they have locked it away and slammed the cap on. They have screwed that cap on so tight that we can no longer get at the American dream. Are we being screwed?

Just so you know where I stand, Peter and I consider ourselves Independents. What that means to us is that each election we have the freedom to look at the parties, look at the record, and look freshly at the candidates before we vote. We get our data from the Internet, for a long time ago we gave up TV.

Once upon a time our founder, Madison, was asked about the problem of special interests and he said that it would even out, that the system was crafted on a balance. This seems to be true up to a point, for every four years we seem to vote for a different candidate and a different party.

So overall we do think that America will come out alright after a fairly long correction. What concerns me is that it is taking so long for Government, Corporate America and the Banking Sector to self correct. I see much strong resistance to correction. We are fighting for our liberty while they fight us for their privilege.

Sometimes it is hard for a responsible citizen to stay involved. How do I see a “responsible citizen” in this new age? What is possible for an individual?

  1. I think it is possible to get oneself educated about the candidates, the party and the issues. Not always easy, for we are also coping with a bad economy. I encourage you to tune in to our Grandma Thunder blog for over the next two months I shall define confusing terms and issues that are in the news, to help bring understanding. For example, my next blog post will be on analyzing the Ayn Rand influence in politics. You may have wondered what that was all about.
  2. I remember Justice Roberts saying, when presented with the complexity and length of the Obama Care Bill, that studying it would be cruel and unusual punishment. It is easier to fix things when you strip out the complexity. We have to change the agreement on Capitol Hill to let lobbyists write the bills and throw them at the legislators to vote with no time even to read the legislation. I mean I ask you? Lobbyists are fixing on the bottle caps on so hard that even our elected officials can’t pry them loose.

    I think it is possible to demand of government a greater simplicity and transparency. Grass roots efforts in this direction have proven successful.

    A few weeks ago I discovered a web site that was helpful. If we simplify Washington maybe we can fix the problem Click on the image to go there.

    Read the Bills -
  3. Then there is the old guard in both parties, both being very ‘right’ and stopping change. It seems they resist any kind of real reform in Government. It always seems to be politics as usual, regardless of what party gets in.

    Democrats rightly see the inequality in the distribution of income in the country. However, their solution which is to tax the rich is unworkable. Nowadays the rich have the means to pull up roots and go anywhere in the world. Many have already done so and it is not good for us when they take their wealth away with them.

    Republicans talk about ‘trickle down economics’ and this is also old hat and unworkable. A decade or so ago they decided to deregulate Energy and energy bills spiked. I read at that time that if the Energy companies were allowed to charge more they would build more plants to meet the demand and it would all settle out. They did build a new plant that I heard of but where was it situated? It was built in Mexico!

    So in your choices choose younger candidates who understand the digital revolution. It is a whole new playing field and we need a fresh look and new solutions.

So what went wrong (in my simple opinion)?

There was a time when our democracy worked and we were all happy and prosperous.

Here are a few of the things that I think went wrong:

  1. Commercial banks got to take your mortgage and bundle it up and use it in high risk investment games. Where was the regulation? Fifty years ago this type of investing was forbidden. Now it happens.
  2. A burden of regulation and taxes was laid in on small business. It is small business that employs the most people. In self defense small business owners have been forced to “Keep it small and keep it all!” Too many taxes and too many burdensome regulations and oh my, the wasted time spent on bureaucratic paperwork. If you shrink the small business sector it will spread to the public sector that depends on the taxes paid in.
  3. Lastly, Karl Rove invented the ‘attack ad’ (doing his party a big disservice). Now both parties use black propaganda routinely. What is black propaganda? It is taking a single fact and from it drawing an unworthy general conclusion.

    Here’s a great example: Obama promised not to close a factory in Wisconsin but sadly for the state it got closed. Paul Ryan talked about the upset at the GOP convention. The truth was that the plant was closed before Obama took office.

    But you have to hear the noise on this. Paul Ryan is being called a liar and some are even saying that all Republicans are liars all the time, everywhere, all over the nation. What a ridiculous extrapolation from a promise that Obama made that he was unable to keep. How sad that Paul Ryan got confused on the timeline. I understand the pain of the closed factory. We have all been feeling the pain.

    What is important is that the voting public sees the generality. ‘Attack ads’ usually work on a generality and a generality is a form of lie. I want to ask you to beware of this, for it is how nations and voters are manipulated. It opens the door to demagoguery. We don’t want to play the Hitler Game in America. If our enemies ever want to take us down they only have to do two things:
    • They have to destroy the American Dream
    • They have to destroy our belief and faith in our Leaders

I am grateful to the politicians in either party who stand up to be counted. With the shellacking they are getting with the attack ads it can’t be easy.

I predict that it is still going to be stressful while we figure out how to fix up a system that no longer seems to work.

In contrast, here is something that does work. Let me introduce you to HERBS THAT WORK - and they really do work! I suggest you try:

It is always good to start with natural remedies which have no side effects and are not addictive. Then you always have medication as the last resort.

Quote for the Month

If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.

Winston Churchill


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