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August 2012

Dear Friend:

I am leaving my curtains open in the morning so that I can wake up with the sun in my eyes. Beautiful long days! The recession is ‘officially’ over. Life is back to normal and when I arose one day last week there was a squirrel dancing on the railing of my porch.

We are now traveling less in the summertime and concentrating more on our store at the Flying J in Frazier Park. With 80% of our customers on holiday it is a fun upbeat atmosphere. We love to be there and we invite you to join us there. 80% of the women are in skimpy summer garb, with lots of skin showing. Attractive and not unseemly, that is when the women are blessed with beautiful skin.

I had polio as a small child and they rehabilitated my muscles with Physical Therapy in a pool. As a result I have been a water baby since the age of two. I have loved this and as I grew up in Africa I was always at a pool, or at the lake. We always spent Christmas in bikinis having a barbecue, weird hey? It was great, but there was one downside: the sun in Africa is hot, and it damaged my skin on my lower arms and legs. My face is fine as my mother always insisted I wore a hat, but as I grow older, I struggle with my skin. I was weeping big African crocodile tears about my skin until I found my solution which is Shea Butter.

My problem came from Africa and I have been delighted to find that the solution is also out of Africa.

The Story of Shea Butter

African Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Tree, grown mostly in West Africa. It has been around for a long time but I had never heard of it until a year or two ago. I have been so impressed by Shea Butter that now I carry the product. It is unbeatable as a skin rejuvenator.

Because Shea Butter stimulates cellular activity, it is the king of all the vegetable butters, with skin care properties superior even to Cocoa Butter. It contains all the necessary rich fatty acids that rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, providing the essential vitamins needed to make the skin look and feel smoother, softer, and healthier.

The nut is most prolific in Ghana where successful efforts have been made to establish small ‘woman’ business enterprises to harvest the Shea Butter Nuts. Traditionally, the African women have processed the Shea Butter, and the successful methods they use have been passed down to them from generation to generation. It is only recently that they have had some help in marketing this superb product.

Buying Shea Butter is a good thing to do, because the money these women earn raises their standard of living. They are now only beginning to be able to afford basic necessities, like schools, clinics and clean water. Creating more independence for women raises the culture in a land. In fact it could raise the culture of the planet.

In the words of Hilary Clinton:

“Well, I see it now from the perspective of having traveled so extensively, and we know that where women are marginalized, where they’re demeaned, where their rights are denied, there is the likelihood you will have less democracy, more poverty, greater extremism. The United States is the model. I want to point out that it’s not only about American women, which of course is our first and foremost concern, but it’s about the example we set, and the message we send to women all around the world.”

Hilary Clinton

Shea Butter Village

Why is Shea Butter only now catching on and gaining in popularity? Could it be that it is now easy to promote good products on the web?

This is a good product. The oil or butter promotes skin renewal, increasing circulation, and accelerating wound healing. Vitamins A & E soothe, balance and hydrates the skin, while providing the necessary skin collagen that handles wrinkles. Vitamin F is rich in fatty acids that repairs damaged skin and hair.

It also seems to alleviate the occasional arthritis I suffer, when I use it in my bath. I am also convinced that Shea Butter is part of the reason I keep my natural hair color as I age. Shea Butter has become an essential part of my senior quality of life.

Shea Butter as a skin care remedy works for me. It is a delightful moisturizer – and it feels sooooo . . . good!

A Few More Tips to Enhance Your Late-Summer Quality of Life

Warm weather is still here and here are a few more tips to help you get the best out of your long, late summer days.

  1. Print out the latest post from the Creative Homemaker Blog; then turn the sprinkler on, let the kids play in and out, while you sit in the shade nearby, reading our latest posts.
  2. Visit with us here in the mountains where it is cooler. You can even rent an affordable cabin for the Labor Day weekend. And you must come in to see us at the store.
  3. Now that summer is almost over, think about giving your body a Cleanse. I always do a colon cleanse in the late summer before winter comes along, and this is my week to do it. After all, you take your car in for a regular service. You also want your body to last and be functional for just as long as you need it.
  4. We suggest a potluck barbecue and an outside movie in your garden on your garden chairs. With an extension cord you can take your Big Screen outdoors and watch your movie in the cool late summer evening.

Shady Lane

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It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!

Kenny Chesney

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