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June 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

Memorial Day has come and gone! Our pool is now open and I am swimming! It is hot in the day but blissfully cool in the evenings!

Fathers' Day and Single Dads

Poem for Dad

The saddest thing I have ever been asked to do on a Photo-to-Artwork was to take the Mother out of a Picture. Children survive best with both a Mother and a Father but it doesn’t always work out that way. Mom had been in the background of a beautiful Father/Son picture, but had gone effect of substance abuse and had run off.

I am dedicating this newsletter to all Dads, but especially to Single Dads because I have come to admire these courageous and very special people, who stick around and raise their kids alone.

It is not easy to be a single Dad. Only a child who is able to laugh with his single Dad will come through the bad experience.

I don’t envy Single Dads. It is not easy to keep up with all the Mom chores; fix the food, do the cleaning and all those wife things that do not come naturally to a man. A cleaning/cooking lady should not be considered an extravagance, even in these times. This is important, for the main thing that goes wrong in Single-Dad homes is that the Father hat gets sacrificed. Being a Dad is all about those fun things, the romp on the beach, the pony rides, and the Memorial Day Barbecue. It is about laughing together and it is vital to keep this in.

It is also vital that Single Dad learns to talk to his children, and is able to listen even when they talk about female things. Having a woman friend in his life (not necessarily a romantic liaison) will help him and help the children.

Quote for the Month

The trouble with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced you are unemployed.

Author Unknown

Kids grow up and after Single Dad’s first born child gives him a grandchild, and after his last born child goes off to college, what is there left for Dad, other than the sense of a job well done? He knows he has to let the children move on, yet the house feels empty. It is not easy and there will be a loss; for many years the kids have been his life. In the years before this parting a wise Single-Dad begins to put his own life back together, maybe signing up for a well-timed cruise. He can create a life that still includes the children but is far more fulfilling for himself. He needs to create new groups, new goals, and make new friends. Going back to school is not a bad idea. It can make him feel younger again.

A Single-Dad-Family often succeeds or fails, not so much by what Dad does, but by the degree of support he gets from his extended family and the other groups to which he and his little family belong. Long ago when his family first fell apart, it was that sense of belonging that went away. If the community (maybe a Church group) rallied around him and continued to include the family in group activities, Single Dad and his kids have a chance to come through. A great deal of goodness comes from recognizing, acknowledging and admiring the Single-Dad, which is something we can all remember to do.

Making their good life possible can depend on people like you and I who are outside the inner family. Never, ever see the Single Dad as the victim because the Mother walked out. He, also, could have run.

I have one loyal customer (now a friend) who has bought from me for nearly twenty years. Some years back he came to me and explained his situation; he wanted his house beautiful for his children but wasn’t this a woman thing? Would we help? Of course we would help.

I found he had a selection of pictures he really liked but these were either damaged or outdated. This is what we did with them:

Tiger Before Tiger After

This tiger picture had a broken glass and an outmoded frame. Texture, a new frame and a black velvet liner brought out the beast's character, making it look quite regal.   More...

I really think Single Dads are very special! Thank you all you Single Dads for what you do.

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Fathers’ Day is June 17th

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Until next month!

Warm Regards,

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