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May 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

I know that spring is here. Yes, with all the stop-starts of this season that I have shared with you, I know this now for sure.

I was leaving to go to our new store at the Flying J in Frazier Park, sitting with one car door open when I heard a mysterious thump, thump! I looked up and lo and behold there was a little head with long and floppy ears. A curious wild rabbit had poked its head in to peek in and find out what I was all about!

How delightful it is to live so close to nature!

Mom, You are my World of Fantasy

Picture for Mom

I am dedicating this newsletter to my Mother who is no longer with us.

At seventy she was voted the best dressed woman in the retirement center where she lived. She got her last marriage proposal at age eighty-one, well after she had outlived two husbands.

Full of adventure, she was a real hands-on Mom, always creating. In every way she encouraged imagination, collecting a bunch of old fancy clothes and wigs together and putting them in an old pirate trunk, so that we kids could “sail the seas,” “ride the plains” and “conquer our own universe.”

She was always interested in stimulating our sense of touch, hearing, sight and smell. When we traveled she would ask, “What can you see that you have never seen before? What can you smell? What can you hear?”

She learned oil painting in her golden years, and she was really good at it until her hands shook too much to control the brushes. To this day we still enjoy her paintings. She taught me about color, texture and all things beautiful. What she gave me most was the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer.

Mom you really cared.
You were an inspiration.
You were special.

I share with you some Mothering Tips (Inspired by my own Mother)

  • Balance your child’s need for spontaneity and adventure with the need for stability. Select your family’s quality times. If your children are able to predict when they will have your full attention, they won’t be trying to distract you when you have other important things to do. Two excellent quality times, reading a story, or just talking together about the day before your child goes to sleep, will satisfy a child’s need for quiet togetherness.
  • Nowadays life is just too fast-paced to keep the old traditions. We can’t always sit down to eat together as a family. It is almost unbelievable what we fit into every single day; we have to come to terms with food-to-go. If, however, you can choose one meal in the week (maybe Sunday evening) when you all sit down to eat together this also will satisfy the family’s emotional needs. Strive to make the chosen evening meal different and exciting: Invite your children into the kitchen to help you prepare the meal and honor their requests. End that meal with a special treat and a prayer if you are religious and even if you aren’t. Prayer is powerful.
  • Try to do and go with your children – but always on their level. Get actively involved and they will become confident to explore and conquer the world.
  • Strive for flexibility in what you do and how you live together. Do this not just for the kids, not just for your husband, but also for yourself. It is not healthy to sacrifice as a Mother. If you sacrifice, a time will come when you will be filled with resentment and that is when you will lose your children.
  • Don’t forget to make those little moments of magic for your spouse and for each and every child.

Yellow Rose

Quote for the Month

“My mother taught me that home should always be a happy place. Close the door and keep the troubled world outside."

Author Unknown

Helping an Older Mother Downsize

A friend recently helped her Mom to move into an affordable mobile home. No expense was spared to make the new house comfortable so that Mother would feel at home. When all was said and done, her Mom said apologetically, “But I liked my flowered couch and frilly peach drapes!” Both had been sacrificed as “too dated” and not likely to survive these hard times. My friend was devastated.

There is a right way and a wrong way to move Mom into a smaller home:

  • Listen carefully to her likes and dislikes. Let her keep her favorite styles and colors.
  • Let her pick out all her favorite things and bring them along with her. Bite on your back teeth when she wants her flowered couch that you know is already dated and will be shabby within a year. Work around it in the decorating plan by introducing neutral colors in the carpets and drapes.
  • If the house is old, you can turn this to advantage. Instead of bringing in bright, modern pictures, sit with your Mom and go through her old albums. You will enjoy the chat-time together and she will share many family stories to enrich your life and in the future the lives of your children. Listen to her carefully and discover which are her favorite photos an then send these to Picture Lady for restoration and/or Photo-to-Artwork.

When Mom moves into the new home, she will be delighted and surprised that you have thought to bring her precious memories forward with her in this stressful time of change.

Change is hard on older people, but with her favorite things still with her and her precious memories around her, Mom will settle down happily into her new home.

Happy Mothers Day!

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Mothers’ Day is May 13th

Until next month!

Warm Regards,

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