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April 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

It snowed Sunday two weeks ago. It snowed all day, coming down in gentle sheets of powder-white fluff, until there was seven inches on the roof and the tree branches bowed low under the cold, white weight. Then the prickly spring sun broke out to quickly melt the ice.  There was one lovely long week of warm, balmy weather and then, guess what? Come the next Sunday and it snowed all over again. Is this just Spring or have the weather gods gone crazy?

(We now have had snow three Sundays in a row! We are inclined to call it Snowday, instead of Sunday!)

Spring is a time of renewal and we have some significant NEW changes at Picture Lady and the Creative Homemaker. 

Harry Potter Woodcut
Harry Potter Woodcut

We recently discovered a highly skilled artist who creates his art in wood.

So, we are now offering PHOTO-TO-WOODWORK.
Yes, we now offer not only...

  • Photo-to-Artwork
  • Artist Sketch from your photos
  • Collages
... but if you give us your precious photos we can have our wood artist carve a wooden rendering of your loved ones!

It is almost Mother's Day again, followed by Father's Day. This brings to mind a recent conversation.

I had been wondering why we do not have Mother's Day and Father's Day on the same day. In a way it would take away from making each one feel special on each special day. But think about this: What is really special is when a family stays together for a long time. Children truly need both a mother and a father; and going apart is easier than staying together.

I met a new young friend at AT&T. She was engaged in marriage counseling. She asked me how it is that Peter and I have managed to stay together for 38 years. She found this remarkable.

This is what I said to her, "Marriage is not a natural institution. You have to create it every day."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

I answered, "What you want to decide is how to make a moment of magic for your mate every single day of your life."

Let me ask you this: Would a portrait of your parents in wood help cement their long relationship? You would inherit it when they pass and wouldn't you then be grateful to have it!

Our photo work is always discounted for Mother's and Father's and Grandparent's Days.

Our next news item is the new Picture Lady blog, Click the link or go there via the Picture Lady Home Page. The posts are short and we want them to be fun.

Creative Home Maker Blog Categories:
  • Better Living Ideas
  • Quirky Facts about Seasons and Special Occasions.
  • 'Every Day Hero' Stories. We meet so many interesting people as we travel all over California. For the longest time we have wanted to share some of the courageous and uplifting stories that we hear.

Our New Store

Big Announcement: The Picture Lady has a store! We are open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (weather permitting) at Flying J Travel Center, 42810 Frazier Mountain Park Rd, Frazier Park, CA 93243 (near the Frazier Park exit on the 5 freeway, about 75 miles north of Los Angeles.)   Map

We invite you to visit with us. Our corner of the woods is an enchanting place to spend a weekend or take the kids out for some fun in the country.

We would like to end off with something new for 2012: The NEW color trends.
(Click on the picture to go to similar images)

(a rich dark yellow)


(dusty green)

(a delicate violet)


(soft gentle pink)

(dusty brown)


(charcoal brown)


Quote for the Month

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning."
Louis L'Amour

Call 661 242 1010, or go to
to see where we will be doing shows.
The password is "art" (without the quotes)

Mothers’ Day is 13th May

Until next month!

Warm Regards,

Peter & Lynn Signature

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