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January 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

Last year was good to us, especially the weather. We didn’t have a White Christmas this year and fall has extended into January. As this is our favorite and most comfortable season, we are happy!

2012 is a year of the dragon and recurs every twelve years. (1904 * 1916 * 1928 * 1940 * 1952 * 1964 * 1976 * 1988 * 2000 * 2012) Check the dates to see if you were a dragon baby?

In the Orient the dragon is a beautiful creature, flamboyant, and very colorful. Children born in a year of the dragon are expected to be extroverted bundles of energy, gifted and irrepressible. They are rich in creative energy and everything they do will be on a grand scale. Expect them to formulate big ideas, and make big changes. We are expecting a new grandson in 2012

Dragon babies are innovative, enterprising, flexible, self-assured, brave, passionate and mighty conceited!

A warm thank you

Once again we would like to say a very warm thank you to our many loyal customers. We enjoyed working with you in 2011 and we are grateful that you have stayed with us and been supportive during the economic downturn.

Highlights of 2012

We began working with WE CARE in Riverside in 2012 and this gave us the opportunity to do a very unique themed Show. They had chosen to celebrate “Everyday Super Heroes” and we were able to create a visual backdrop for their message.

If you have not had the fun of a Picture Lady themed event, suggest it at your place of work.

Early in the year we will be celebrating Black History Go to: www.picturelady.com/bba/index.htm.

Certificate of Appreciation

Color Trends for 2012

In chaotic times there is a natural tendency for Americans to long for the good old days. This collective emotion has been reflected in our color trends for 2011 and 2012.

In 2011 the color trends showed a collective desire for more “Balance” in our lives.

There is an interesting trend identified in the 2012 forecast “Preservation” which seeks to resurrect our heritage.

Roots - Our Ethnic Heritage

When times are rough it is comforting to slide back into the past. This is a natural response to our social and economic woes. We instinctively feel that if we were able to understand our past we would be able to direct our future in better ways. Yet our world has changed and while staying rooted in our past, perhaps we should also move on and make a better future, taking cognizance of the new realities.

In many ways we are now more local, yet at the same time we can surf the world. We have a Diversity website that may be able to help you reach a better understanding of our troubled times. Go to click and learn to find out about the other cultures of the world.

April and October are Diversity months. And these months would be the best time to schedule a Diversity show at your Church, School or Place of Work. Our 2012 calendar is open.

Call 661 242 1010 or email lynn@picturelady.com

Featured Artist – Melinda Byers

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Quote for the Month


"In revolutionary times it is tempting to get things back to the way they were. The good old days are OLD – that’s part of the deal!"     ~ Seth Godin ~

How You Can Find Us

Call 661 242 1010 or go to www.picturelady.com/schedule.htm to see where we will be doing shows. The password is "art" (without the quotes).

The Picture Lady wishes you and your loved ones a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Until next month!

Warm Regards,

The Picture Lady
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