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July 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

The temperature is now a comfortable 73 degrees and there are cool scents coming in from outside. Inside, I am using my fragrance lamps to enhance the fresh summer aromas. I have chosen PINE oil. It makes me feel good.

Decorating to Lift Your Spirits

Have you ever asked yourself how to bring more meaning into your decorating?

Sure, you can go to Target, or JC Penny’s, or even Walmart and pick up a beautiful but bland piece of art. We try to help you select art to make you happy, to help you start your day in a good mood.

So where do you start?

It begins by choosing pictures linked to pleasant memories. I picked up this card on a trip when I was really happy! I actually bought it to cheer up my son, who was glum. He never got the card, for I fell in love with it.

From a decorating point of view just look at the potential!

The colors are quite amazing! I was able to build a whole color scheme around it! The orange, the white and the yellow were perfect for my front room, where I had every shade of brown and it was dull. Previously, I had contrasted with shades of green to match the forest outside. Now with my smiley card in my hand I had a better idea!

  • First I looked at the white and got myself some textured white linen drapes. The room got lighter.
  • I put the card on the bar – we don’t drink, but whenever I have guests, I serve from there. Even although it is not big, it dominates the room.
  • Next, I took the pencil sketch of my granddaughter (you may have seen it on our flyers), but I didn’t use the original, which I gave to my son. I took a smaller reproduction and added texture. The color was perfect – almost the same as the yellow in the "SMILE."
  • I chose three more family pictures that also bring me joy and treated them to Photo-to Artwork. I wanted more texture and color to make them stand out. Family pictures behind glass can be dull. See the following example.

    An orderly, but dull ensemble.

  • Next, I realized that I needed a few pictures with perspective, to make my room look bigger. Because of the color of the card, I chose autumn scenery and added a small mirror. (Did you know that Picture Lady also sells mirrors? We don’t bring them to the shows, unless they have been ordered. You may choose any of the frames in any of the sizes: 16"x20”, 22"x28” or 24"x36” for a mirror.) Mixing family portraits with scenery and/or mirrors can create a pleasing effect, especially if you use Photo-to-Artwork and/or Art-Tex.
  • The last picture I chose is also special and not because it is a sketch of me. It reminds me of the coastline of South Africa where the water is 70 degrees and the sand is soft and white and the beaches stretch out forever. I was there when my mother painted it. It makes me think of her. Another pleasant memory!

I finally had a room that made me smile – a room with real meaning!

Artist of the Month – Igor Levashov

Igor was born and studied art in Russia

He discovered his love of flowers while living, studying and painting in Holland, the land of the tulips. It is rumored that he considered the rose to be the queen of the flowers and would not cease learning his craft until he could paint a perfect rose. We think he succeeded.

Calla Lilies
Red Rose #1
Igor Levashov
Red Rose #2
Pink Roses
Birds of Paradise Flower Arrangement #1
Sunflowers Yellow Roses Birds of Paradise Flower Arrangement #2

Until we talk again next month. . .

Warm Regards,

The Picture Lady
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