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May 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

Does your office image expand your bottom line? It is not easy to put a dollar value to your decorating, but I chose my optometrist from a web site with photos of his office. While the style was eclectic, every art piece had been carefully chosen and the overall effect was warm and welcoming. I was looking at several doctors in the area, and all had good credentials and testimonials – this doctor had provided an added value. The décor in his office is what made him stand out.

Even now, seventeen years later, I still smile as I enter his rooms. I have never regretted my choice. A doctor who is able to function along an aesthetic band has to be special.

We make it easy for you. Picture Lady is mobile, we visit hospitals as far South as San Diego and as far North as Stockton. Our one-stop decorating is what makes us unique. We come to you. Together we select the theme and the artwork. Then we frame the pictures. Later we deliver the artwork that you have chosen. You never even have to leave the office!

We are able to suggest different themes: one doctor chose a nautical theme, wanting to project stability. We chose lighthouses as the central image offset by several ocean pictures. The ocean (without the storm) can have a calming influence on patients.

The added Bonus: Custom Framing and Photo-to-Artwork.

We are able to frame certificates, posters and the typical Employee or Nurse-of-the-Month photos. All we need from you is a photograph. Our prices are affordable, and our quality is exceptional.

“The personal attention to detail and delivery of artwork was unexpected, but greatly appreciated! Their new ‘Art-Tex’ technique which applies texture to a lithograph painting, and turns it into a ‘virtual oil painting’ is absolutely fantastic!

Their frame assortment is also nothing short of ‘Top Draw’! Most of their selections are of high quality wood in a variety of grades. And with all of this service and quality, they still manage to keep the pricing very affordable.” - Pablo Benevides talking about our Custom Work.

Father’s Day

Your wife may well ask you what you would like this year. Our best suggestion for a Father’s Day Gift is a sketch by artist Franco, working from a photograph. He captures the essence.

Sketch of Sofie
Our grand-daughter Sofie

We are currently offering a discount of 10% on all Photo-to-Artwork and will hold the discount in place until after Father’s Day (June 19th) but only for our doctor friends. This would be the perfect time to also order any photos you may want to put on display in your office.

Quote for the Month:

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years. - Mark Twain, "Old Times on the Mississippi" Atlantic Monthly, 1874

The Art of Sung Kim (featured artist)

Terrace Arch I Floral Patio I
Terrace Arch II

Born in 1940 in Seoul, South Korea, Sung was a child prodigy. He went on to study fine art at school, graduating with honors from the Seorabel Art College in Seoul.

He opened his own successful studio while still in Korea, and worked as an illustrator for magazines and children’s books.

This opened the door to travel and he roamed Europe before emigrating to the USA in 1980.

He is now well-known for his beautiful Mediterranean images.

How to find us: Call (661) 242-1010, or click on www.picturelady.com/schedule.htm. The password is "art" (without the quotes).

Until next month!

Warm Regards,


The Picture Lady

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