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February 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

We were blessed in 2010 with an enchanting white Christmas, and we are doubly blessed right now, for we have enjoyed sunshine ever since. There is still some sparkling snow at the top of the mountains, and this keeps the seasonal enchantment with us just a little longer.

One associates grays and blues and teals and stark white with winter. Yet are we not in California for the sun? There is something very cheering about yellow sunshine.

Lighthouse with Cottage
Neuschwannstein Castle

Why is yellow so hard to choose when decorating? Beware of choosing yellow as an accent wall. Always keep in mind that a pretty paint chip does not always make a pretty wall. The problem with painting a wall yellow is that yellow is always the first color that the eye sees, and it always stands out from all the other colors and it can be overwhelming.

A bright yellow wall usually needs to be toned down unless you are painting only a tiny surface, when it can be quite perfect for a breakfast nook! On the other hand accenting with yellow is a grand idea, because the yellow color stands out and is that not what you want any accent piece to do? A yellow picture or a yellow centerpiece always brings a little cheer!

This is our February newsletter and February and September are the months when we celebrate Diversity. In February we bring out our Best Black Art and in September our best Latino Art.

I have noticed since the last election that Diversity has changed. It seems that it is no longer focused on minority rights, but rather on respect and tolerance for our differences all over the world and has gained a global aspect. You may want to go to Click & Learn for information on different cultures and countries.

Quote for the Month:

If we cannot end now our differences, at least can we make our world safe for diversity? - John F. Kennedy

It is not too long now to Mother’s Day and this is something you can plan. We offer the perfect gift for Mother and/or Father in three sizes of Photo-to-Artwork - 22x28 at $175.00, 16x20 at $125.00 and 11x14 at $65.00.

How can you find out when and where there is a Picture Lady Gallery? Go to www.picturelady.com/schedule.htm. The password is "art" (without the quotes).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Picture Lady

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