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October 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

Now we are seeing the beautiful red and gold that I associate with fall in the mountains. We are truly blessed with our four seasons.

Trees With Fall Colors

I am going to talk about creating atmosphere in this newsletter. Color and lighting are very much a part of creating atmosphere.

Not long ago I read Seth Godin’s blog where I was amazed to find out that the luxury market was first created in France with intent to improve their balance of trade.

Seth said, " In every city there are expensive hotels that are noisy, with $56 breakfasts, no parking, blinds that don't make the room dark and rooms that don't have enough closets. But the very waste of paying extra to stay there ensures that you'll be surrounded by others just as wealthy and just as interested in proving it.”

A whole country invented a luxury culture and they used it to prosper. I know they were successful, for we have visited with Peter's brother, who was then living on a house-boat on the Seine, and we were shown the best of Paris. My mouth still waters as I remember the food. And I can still see the fancy ladies swaying along the Champs Elysées.

If they could do it, so can you. You can create your own superior home culture. It need not be based on pretension, it need not be expensive, for that would be another bubble and bubbles do not last. I want to ask you what atmosphere you want to create for your home for the holidays? You can (without spending too much money) create a pretty place where friends can come to you at the year end to recharge.

I would actually stay in a luxury hotel, if I could afford it, but only for the atmosphere! There is the grandeur of the lobby, and the wonderful color and the fabrics in the guest rooms. The color flows through the hotel. To get color-flow and the textures just right may take a full home-makeover. So for now, lets focus on the small changes that are still affordable.

Much can be done with lighting. Ever notice how many lamps hotel rooms have, at least five in a room? Real estate agents will turn on every light in a house they are showing. Lamps create atmosphere faster than anything else!

We associate sparkling lights with the holidays. As the holiday season advances we are going to be helping you with Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa pictures, but for now I want you to think about your lights! Think about getting your holiday lights from Picture Lady.

Halloween is upon us and on that night we take away the lights. My two year-old grand-daughter has just learned the word "Scary." You can create "Scary" with lights.

Quote for the Month: "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."
    ~ Annie Dillard

How can you find out when and where there is a Picture Lady Gallery? Go to www.picturelady.com/schedule.htm. The password is "art" (without the quotes).

We are offering a perfect holiday gift in three sizes of Photo-to Artwork - 22x28 at $175, 16x20 at $125.00 and 11x14 at $55.

Know also that we can also enhance your precious photos. We received a photo of a very special lady. What a wonderful old, but kind face. The children were honoring her full and happy life, but had no photo of her alone. We extracted her from a photo with the family and removed the busy background. There she was alone in her blue dress in all her glory. Her family traveled half-way around the world to be with her even although she had passed. These are the precious memories one wants to preserve in a special family portrait.

Turn your home into a haven and leave the troubled world outside. It is during the crunch times (like now) that you need your friends and family, and they need you.

Until next month!

Warm Regards,
The Picture Lady
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