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August 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

It breaks my heart, but we have now passed the middle of the year and our days are again growing shorter. I love summer! I do not want to see it go! We notice the cooler temperature when we rise. 

We are often on the road and it was a busy July. We have been amazed this year that, the economic downturn notwithstanding, there are many gigantic RVs on the roads taking upbeat and happy families, grandchildren, and pets out of the city and into the country.

August is a time when our lives are mainly determined by the children. It is a time when you want to ensure your home is attractive so the kids can be proud to bring over their friends. The problem is that you have already spent all your August money on California taxes, school books and that trip to Disneyland! So what to do about it? How can you keep the children entertained and occupied during those long summer days and evenings? 

  • You can grow a garden
  • You can go fishing
  • You can blow bubbles or make and fly paper airplanes
  • You can take a trip to the zoo
  • You can go on a picnic

Or you can buy the Educational Toys on the Five Dollar Table at Picture Lady!

The Kiddy Corner

You can finally look forward to the last week of August when you ship the children all back to school. Suddenly you have all this glorious "alone time" on your hands. This is when you think ahead to Thanksgiving and to Christmas. We suggest you go to www.picturelady.com to play with virtual decorating. Who knows, with our help you may just have your ideal 2010 home ready in time this year. Then you can bring your family safely in and leave an ugly world outside! 

Quote for the Month
"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

How can you find out when and where there is a Picture Lady Gallery?

Go to www.picturelady.com/schedule.htm. The password is "art" (without the quotes).

Grandparents Day is on September 12th. We offer a perfect gift for grandparents in three sizes of Photo-to Artwork - 22x28 at $150, 16x20 at $115.00 and 11x14 at $55.00. You may notice the smaller picture went up $10.00 and the medium sized picture came down $10.00. We are adjusting to variations in the cost of frames.

Trees are still a wonderful green up here, but not for long, for we enjoy four seasons and the leaves will soon begin to turn. Right now though, the summer heat still sends us searching for shady lanes. 

We have many mountain trails, some of which lead up to cool waterfalls. Check out these pictures of beautiful trees sent to me by a customer. 

There you are, now don't you feel cooler? 

Until next month!

Warm Regards,

The Picture Lady
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