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June 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friend:

I returned home at eight o'clock last weekend and amazingly, it was still light. As night was approaching the sunlight was softer, with pine needles creating prisms of color. Tall elongated trees were silhouetted against a setting sun and cast long shadows.

Spring is almost gone and Summer is almost upon us. 

I received this beautiful poem after last months newsletter, and I wanted to share it with you.

There Is No Color Green
by Sarah Edwards

There is no color green.
Just a tapestry of shades called green.
The palest shades of muted green.
The brightest shades of light green.
The deepest shade of dark green.
The brown greens, the yellow greens, the red greens and the blue greens.
The greens of shadow and the greens of sunlight.
The dawn greens and dusk greens, laid out like a textured carpet below my deck.
An ever-changing kaleidoscope of green to greet my every glance as the sun moves.
I’m bathed in Summer green.

Did you like the poem? I did too!

Summer is all about the great American outdoors and it is all about the family.  We will be carrying more scenery and water pictures in the next three months. Take a look at our Palms & the Sea topic at www.picturelady.com/catalog.asp?tpc=1900.

Summer is a time when children come over to visit the grandparents. Is it not then a good idea to decorate their rooms newly?  They have grown older. Have they outgrown the Mickey Mouse you have on the walls? Do you have enough educational toys to keep them busy? 

You will find children's art at our galleries, and on our $5.00 gift table children's educational toys and sing-along travel CDs. A long time ago I studied Creativity in Children at the University.  Here are some enchanting fairies for a little girls room: 



Boys prefer the dinosaurs, cars, animals and sport.

Talking of Boys we have a very special Father's Day celebration in June. Often fathers and grandfathers receive little acknowledgment throughout the year. They mend the faucet and bring home the bacon. We need them most of all when we go to the great outdoors to camp or hike or barbecue. Attend a Picture Lady Event in the summer months and you will find some unique gifts for the men in your family.

New this Month!

Night lights for the bathroom, bedroom and especially for the children's room. Come and see the fish, the dinosaurs, the cars and the bridges.

How to Find Us

Do come and share your decorating wins with us at the next event. To find out where we will be, go to: www.picturelady.com/schedule.htm. The password is “art” (without the quotes).

Special Celebrations

Father's Day, June 9th

Grandparents Day, September 12th

Whether you’re celebrating Father's Day for your Dad or Grandfather this year, we suggest that you order the PHOTO to ARTWORK.

Men are sometimes hard to please, for they always seem to have everything. This is why we so often settle for a generic gift, but that would be a disservice. You want to get them something that cements the special relationship you have with them.  After all, are they not very special? In a sour economy they struggle every day. This is a time to show you appreciate what they do. So make them feel special and loved.

We extended our special on the 22x28" larger Photo - to Art-Work until September 12th.  Usually these are $175.00 but for now they are $150.00 This includes the enlargement, the treatment to make them look like an oil painting, the frame and optional liner and it also includes shipping. Now is that not a good deal?

Go to www.picturelady.com/enlrgmt1.htm to personalize your special gift for Dad or Grandad. Now is the time to get us your precious photograph so that we can have it ready for you in time. We are receiving orders via email lynn@picturelady.com or by phone 661 242 1010 or 213 281 2402. 

We also offer two other sizes 16x20 at $125.00 and 11x14 at $45.00. These pictures are perfect on a desk or in the office where a smaller size may be more appropriate. 

Note: On the $5.00 table at this time of the year you are also going to find educational gifts for children, an assortment of gifts for Dad, and also some great flags and table centerpieces for the Fourth of July. If you buy three $5.00 items you get one free. 

Until next month!

Warm Regards,

The Picture Lady
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