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Dear Friend:

Nowadays when driving home, I wind my way through green trees, listening to tinkling bells. A high-tech neighbor created a band for us and he is providing the music so all we have to do is tune in. We live on the edge of protected forest, ninety miles North of Los Angeles, and this year what I am noticing more than anything else is that the nature around me is far richer than ever before, for it has been a wet year. 

It is hard to keep my eye on the road for there is so much beauty. I was reading over last month's newsletter and some responses to get a feel for what you want and need and again I go with the new/old idea that decorating should be timeless and not trendy. 

In honor of Earth Day that has just gone by, I am going to recommend this month to decorate with green. At the end of the last century forest green was often seen in homes. What I now see is a darker midnight green that combines well with turquoise, apple or mint green. 

The wonder of green is that it is so very natural and so very relaxing and so very easy to live with and I will share that I have used it liberally in my own home. It comes in so many shades in nature, but I think you will agree that no one green fights with another and that nature has it all sorted out. 

I have had fun with green: A large feathery fern in a front room or even in an office is not expensive, and it can provide just that right jolt of energy. At  www.picturelady.com/images/misc/GreenPictures.jpg you can see some green pictures we have in our home.

If the decorating goal here is timeless, what I want to do is help you to find the unique aspects in a home or office. So you need will to tell us what you like most about your home or office and from there we can guide you. 

Did you know that we offer a free decorating phone consultation? Did you know that workers experience higher levels of stress in colorless rooms? Workplace studies show that where there is a variety of color there is less absenteeism and better productivity. Corporate Decoaraing is a worthwhile project and can also lower taxes. 

The Picture Lady is gearing up to do much more corporate decorating and if you solicit decorating jobs in your company you can actually earn a commission. Corporate Decorating is something we do well. You can read a happy decorating customer's success story at www.picturelady.com/testimonials.htm#vineyard.

I want to tell you that I have recently been excited by new box and flat frame-styles that we are now offering our customers. While our more traditional frames are still appropriate in older offices, these new frames and abstract images lend themselves to a striking, modern look. We will let you know more about these next month and have some examples up on our website.

Note: a four year guarantee is placed on every picture as a part of our corporate decorating offer. So in addition to adding life and beauty to your office space you can be sure your decorating will last. If after four years you decide you want to change out your images we even take back the old frames and give you a discount on the new artwork. 

Furthermore we can personalize your decorating. We accept photographs of your principals and historic images and turn these into Works of Art. (See www.picturelady.com/enlrgmt1.htm.) When you are ready to go ahead with decorating we will come to you and you will get our expert decorating advice for free. 

Without ever leaving the office you can plan a whole new look. We then make the artwork and deliver it to you. Yes, in these busy days we make it easy for you.

We do invite you to browse our website to see the wide range of images we offer. Please let us know how we can help you. 


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