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Dear Friend:

We came home this weekend after a light, white sprinkling of snow. The deep green trees were decked with a dusting of scintillating frost. The mountains were white and sheer. In contrast the sky was a deep, rich turquoise.  What a wonderful color palette I thought, Dark Olive Green, a touch of beige here and there, and sparkling white. I have never seen my world quite so enchanting!

The word is out!
Turquoise is the new color for 2010.

Here are some interesting color palettes with Turquoise:

Turquoise olive green and white; Turquoise Yellow, Black & White, Turquoise Orange and White and if you are truly daring, try for a Spring Fling, Turquoise and Grape with Beige.     

Overlook Cafe 1 Mediterranean PictureOverlook Cafe 2 Mediterranean Picture

Turquoise talismans have been known for their protective qualities and we all need protection in this sour economy.

Turquoise suggests escape, getting away to the Islands or the Mediterranean (see our Decorating Themes at www.picturelady.com/themes.htm where all was fun and bright. Turquoise is a Spring Color, a time for starting over, and the theme for the Picture Lady shows in March is “Spring Fling!”  

We have created a new site with the purpose to help you make your home a haven. This last weekend when I entered my little cottage it was safe and warm and it was pretty.

We have created the website called Home Haven (www.homehaven.net) to help you also create a special haven for your family, a place where it is pretty and you can come home, recharge, and close the door on a troubled world. 

Spring scents (www.homehaven.net/FragranceLamps.htm) add to the softer atmosphere you may want to create for your family in these times.

We shall be visiting Stockton, Sacramento, and Contra Costa County in March. Closer to home we visit Montebello and Lancaster. Our Schedule is posted on the web. Go to About Us (www.picturelady.com/aboutus.htm) and then select Our Schedule. You will need the password, which is “art” (without the quotes) all in small letters.

Preview the pretty spring pictures at www.picturelady.com, www.homehaven.net  and www.picturelady.com/bba/index.htm.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner and PHOTO-to-ARTWORK makes a unique and special gift. Consequently our special in March is “Photo to Artwork” month at www.picturelady.com/enlrgmt1.htm.  If you have in the past thought to create a special family portrait do it in March to get a discounted price. Call us at 323-864-9200 for more information and to request an envelope to send in your photo, or contact us via the Picture Lady website (www.picturelady.com/email_form.htm). 

We look forward to visiting you at your place of work where we promise we will always bring you something new and exciting.

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