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August 2017 Newsletter

It breaks my heart, but we have now passed the middle of the year and our days are again growing shorter. I love summer! I do not want to see it go! We now notice the cooler temperature when we rise and the beautiful long days are getting shorter.

However (LOL) the sun is still able to wake me up. We have big windows and it is already high in the sky around seven a.m. and shines right in my eyes! When not on the road I like to wake up and rise at seven thirty so this is a wee bit early. I really can’t complain, though, like the ecstatic birds I am happy on these bright summer days. I usually rise and say to Peter, “Another day in Paradise!”

baby and happy grandparents day

About Grandparents (10th September is their day)

Grandparents grew up in an easier age, when America was prosperous, and some were able to accumulate assets. If they managed their mortgage and investments wisely they are now able to be there for their children and grandchildren, providing needed help when the economy is struggling. In that earlier, caring age helping was fashionable. On September 10th you have the opportunity to show them that you appreciate them.

Did you know?

  • This year marks the 30th anniversary of Grandparents Day — a day Jimmy Cater introduced to the nation. Sadly 65% of grandparent’s (by survey) say they have never celebrated Grandparent’s Day.
  • Today there are an estimated 70 million Grandparents in the Nation, a full one third of the population.
  • Grandparents are younger than ever before - a total of 43% became grandparents in their fifties. 37% in their forties.
  • Many grandparents are still in the workforce
  • More than 50% of grandparents are baby-boomers.
  • Grandparents are active - 43% play some kind of sport or go to the gym, 18% even dance.
  • 28% of grandparents volunteer for some or another good cause.
  • While their grandchildren skim tablets for their data, grandparents still enjoy to read, and are intellectually curious.
  • Yet Grandparents in this day and age are quite tech savvy. They love social media and 70% use a search engine to find information.
  • Grandparents have money, controlling 70% of the nation’s wealth.
  • They are generous with their time and money, often supporting their adult children or even grandchildren.
  • One thing they really like is to have fun.
  • Of course they do, they sure like to have fun. We know this how? Because they spend over 100 billion dollars a year on entertainment.

From “Picture of Health”

highest quality ingredients

Seventy-five years young and I am proud that I have few wrinkles, very little gray hair and thanks to my tender loving care with this product I have resolved pain issues caused by having had polio at an early age. So I am still able to do the events which I enjoy.

We have a special this month where if you buy three little travel pack tubes of your choosing from us, you will get a special gift card where the company will give you a discount on your next online order.

I recommend you give your grandparent the standard Real Time tube and a MAXX for the more stubborn pains. Then you can keep the hand or sports cream.

If your grandparents like the cream, and I think they will, you can order more online and the gift card from this special entitles you to $15 off on your first online order.

Special this Month

mix and match

Quote for the Month

"Uncles and aunts, and cousins, they are all very well, and fathers and mothers are not to be despised; but a grandmother, at holiday time, is worth them all."

Fanny Fern

Note: We are at the Santa Clarita Swap Meet every Sunday (Booth B60).

Enjoy the cooler weather,

Until next month!

Warm Regards,
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