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How does it work?

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Don't let pain control your life
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Natural RTPR reduces Inflammation, the common denominator of all pain. It really doesn’t matter what is causing the pain, the truth is if you can handle the inflammation you are able to resolve the discomfort. It is a handy dandy remedy until you are able to see the doctor to find the real cause of your pain, or until the natural defense mechanisms of the body can take care of the problem.

It is a true blessing to alleviate the natural, chronic discomforts of aging, like arthritis, in a way that is natural with no side effects.

RTPR creams are FDA approved with no safety warnings on the label. Safe, proven and effective.

RTPR carries natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to where they are needed most. This means lasting pain relief with movement, so that you can enjoy living again.

RTPR Revitalizes Tissues, Muscles and Joints

You will experience increased motion, increased blood flow and healthier tissue.

All of this means you are on your way to the joy of leading a normal life again.

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Some of Real Time's ingredients

We manufacture Real Time Pain Relief right here in the USA with our own proprietary herbal blend.

We treat our customers like family. We wouldn’t want our families to use a product laced with harmful chemicals nor one with potentially dangerous long-term effects.

We care about your well-being

Lynn & Peter Verhoeff (Authorized distributors for RTPR - & Vendor-Owners)

Success with RTPR - we have seen it change lives; that is why we added it to our shows.

Back Pain

Back painI have suffered from nerve pain in my back for 9 years. It originates from my thoracic region of my spine and wraps around my side to my abdomen. I have had numerous CT scans and MRI's and have been prescribed countless drugs to alleviate the pain but none worked. When I get stressed the pain increases. There is no medical treatment available to actually fix the problem. 

That was my condition the day I went to the Saugus Swap Meet and saw a seller with a sign that said 'Got Pain?'. That morning I had just prayed to God to help me with this pain the sign seemed to be a message from him.

I walked over and was given a sample of Real Time pain cream to try. At first, I did not feel the pain change. So I was given a little more to put on my back after 5 minutes. I thought it might be helping so I quickly bought a small tube to try.

That was the day my pain finally met its match. I use it once or twice a day now and have NO MORE PAIN. It is my belief that this cream actually fights inflammation and relaxes the muscles that are around the nerve that causes my pain.

"I cannot express with words a strong enough recommendation for you to try Real Time cream . I have tried many other creams that were supposed to work but they didn't. Most just made the area hot and the burning sensation would make me feel like it was doing something but it really didn't. This stuff has done such a good job that the pain doesn't even come back anymore. I just put it on to keep the peace now. I can sleep now with no pain. I thank God that I tried it that day. It changed the quality of my life.” ~ Morgan - Saugus, CA.

Neck Pain

Neck painI stopped by the California Colmo Del Rodeo in Salinas and purchased a tube for $30.00. It relieved my excruciating pain in the back of my neck. My pain was so painful I could not turn my neck. Now, I can have had some relief without pain for a while ... I will need to purchase a few more tubes.” ~ Albert F. - Salinas, CA.

Knee Pain

Knee painRTPR really worked for me. I have arthritis on my knee and was unable to walk for two weeks. After using RTPR per the usage instructions for three days I was able to do my two mile walks again. I did complete the regimen for stability. Thank you RTPR.” ~ Sylvia G. Saugus, CA.


This is a great product that helped relieve chronic headaches. I initially started with the trial size, but now I keep it on hand and refer to all my friends. The fact that it is a natural based product is also a great attribute. Thanks for helping me get back to me ... headache free!” ~ Akilah Lindler - Philadelphia, PA.

For headaches or sinus pain I prefer to use the RTPR SELECT which is all-vegan. It is light and very easy to use being roll-on. I always have it next to my bed at night and in my purse in the day. Being a Roll-on EASY TO KEEP OUT OF THE EYES. Peter had a condition where an extreme cold led to loss of hearing. Since then, just as a good preventative I also roll it around the ears. Thank you RTPR for changing my life for the better in so many ways.” ~ Lynn V. - Frazier Park, CA.

Foot Pain

Foot pain

OK so I had the worst pain in my left foot so badly I could hardly walk on my foot without limping. So Thursday I'm at the flea market and a nice gentleman was selling this product for pain. Hmm, let me see what happens, and he offers me some samples to try ... oh well just let me purchase it is only money LOL. So I try it and also buy some of the product for my foot and body, if it works great if not I have an expensive lotion LOL. Anyway I’m walking again. Amazing, I'm telling everyone and myself. So I want others to try it so I can see that someone else is noticing this sh$t works LOL Now we are here on Saturday literally no pain no limping. Sunday I feel like a new woman say AMEN cause I feel the relief. Thanks Real Time Pain Relief saved my life ... the pain was unbearable, you hear me unbearable. ~ Tanisha - Stockton, CA

My husband is a diabetic and has neuropathy in his feet, and he uses the Real Time Foot Cream and swears by it! He also convinced his father, who is also a diabetic, to try it and he, too is definitely a believer now! I can't say enough great things about this product!” ~ Diney D - Rock Island Illinois.

Sports Cream

Sports CreamI am a 51 year old competitive runner who didn’t start racing until age 48. I train hard,win my age group most of the time but have also suffered with typical high-mileage, high speed injuries. A friend brought over some RTPR samples a few weeks ago. I have been amazed and thrilled with the results. I have to say this is one of the best liniment I’ve ever used. It is keeping me in training for my next race . . . pain & injury free.” ~ Susan G. Sedona AZ

We have a customer who buys RTPR sports regularly from us at Edward Airforce Base. He tells me it has reduced his GOLF handicap by three. Peter didn’t believe him but it is entirely possible. By increasing circulation, deleting pain and stress he has been able to concentrate on his game.

The wonder of the RTPR sports is that when you sweat the sting is minimal, due to reduced amounts of menthol in the cream.

Wrists, Arms & Hands

Hand CreamI have osteoarthritis in my hands: I applied this lotion to my hands while on vacation and it was like a miracle. Within minutes my hands no longer hurt.” ~ Delores Harmon, San Jose, CA.

I was just walking by a stand and overheard them talking about pain relief so I, skeptical as always, went back to prove it didn't work. I have severe tennis elbow and could not fully extend my arm or make a fist. I rubbed it on as I walked away a minute later could open my arm for the first time in weeks! I am still amazed at the immediate relief!” ~ Patricia Bernal - Texas

NOTE: RTPR has a special Hand Cream that many of my customers use for Help with Carpal Tunnel. It is also a lubricant and truly smells great.

Don't Just Relieve Your Pain, Resolve it

RTPR's unique ingredients work directly at the site of pain. Manufactured in an FDA Monitored Facility in the United States of America. Absorbs in seconds. Recommended by Doctors & Healthcare Professionals all over USA. No oily residue and no medicine smell.

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