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What We Do

We create fundraising events in Corporations, Commissaries, Retirement Homes and Hospitals. We also have an on-line presence where you can order and where we can share ideas.

We strive to handle problems without passing them over to you.

Our senior motto is: “We make it easy!”

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Our Products

Beautiful Sheets: The Feel of Luxury Without the High Price

Sheets Gold

“I bought some Sheets from the Picture Lady. That evening I put the sheets on my Cal King bed and went to take a shower before retiring. I slid between the sheets and went to sleep. I was so comfortable I woke up late the next morning. I went straight back to the Picture Lady the next day to buy 5 more sets of beautiful sheets.” ~ Lynn A. Los Angeles

After a hard day's work you deserve a good night’s rest. The sheets you choose can ...  More>>

Photo-to-Artwork: Turning cherished photos into works of art

Happy Child

This is a special service we provide for our customers, where they provide us with treasured photos and we create a beautifully framed enlargement or collage that looks like an oil painting.

We have done pictures of children, pets, vacations and of loved ones who have passed. There is no charge for the ... More>>

Real Time Pain Relief: Enjoy Living Again

RTPR creamI was just walking by a stand and overheard them talking about pain relief so I, skeptical as always, went back to prove it didn't work. I have severe tennis elbow and could not fully extend my arm or make a fist. I rubbed it on as I walked away a minute later could open my arm for the first time in weeks! I am still amazed at the immediate relief!” ~ Patricia B. - Texas

Introducing: An Easy to Apply Topical Pain Relief Lotion. Smells great too! Extraordinary Results. How does it work? It not only relieves pain, but also works to reduce ... More>>

Going with the seasons

In 2017 we added two seasonal products one for the summer time which we sell in the months May, June, July, August & September and our winter product which we carry in October, November, December, January, February & March.

Picture-Perfect Swim Covers & Holiday Shirts

We live in the mountains where the summers are idyllic. Each morning one of the other of us wakes up and says "Another day in Paradise" With this new product we try to bring you a little bit of the magic of summertime.

Light Cali-Cozy Blankets

Then, as the evenings cool, we are truly blessed with deliciously light blankets. Both Peter and I hate heavy bedding, but it does get cold up here. We discovered these blankets and the cold notwithstanding have been able to get rid of most of our cumbersome comforters.

We live in California, with its variable weather where it rarely gets bitterly cold - well, Peter just reminded me that it hit 18 degrees one cold night last winter. But do you know with the warmth of these cuddly blankets and our cheerful pellet stove we did just fine.

For those who do just one show in a year you may want to look at your demographic and see if you want a summer Picture Lady event or a Winter one.

What happened to the Art - you may well ask!

2008 happened. When the housing market crashed it was time to move out of pictures. We do want to share with you that we still have all these lines in place as you can see from the catalog on the web. There is a wide selection of images that can be framed and delivered at the next show. You will find pictures of the frames also on the web. We always bring in a few framed pictures just to make the event look pretty.

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The Picture Lady, PO Box 5444, Frazier Park, CA 93222   (661)242-2749