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Five Year Plan

In the year 2020 we want to be able to look back and know that we have given some really good help to others. We are a dynamic duo, and both educated in holistic health. and we concluded that health would be a better vehicle for helping.

To help you navigate this site, you will ind schedule under “Events” and Art Catalog under “Art”.

Each month we will present three different blog posts and these will be mainly on health:

  1. Orthodox Medicine and the New Wellness Movement (How to stay healthy)
  2. Detoxification ( How to manage it)
  3. The Story of Shea Butter (The African sun has healthy, healing properties)

What We Do

We create events in Corporations, Commissaries, Retirement Homes and Hospitals. In addition we have an on-line presence where you can order and where we can share ideas.

We strive to handle problems without passing them over to you.

Our senior motto is:

"We make it easy!"

Contact us at:

The Picture Lady
PO Box 5444, Frazier Park, CA 93222

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